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This Clearly Dangerous Pug Was Arrested In New Jersey—And It Even Got Its 'Pugshot' Taken 😂

This Clearly Dangerous Pug Was Arrested In New Jersey—And It Even Got Its 'Pugshot' Taken 😂
(Cape May Police Department/Facebook)

What do you do when you spot a pug wandering the streets of New Jersey without its owner? Well, if you're a Cape May police officer, you would post a notice in order to facilitate a reunion, but not without taking the proverbial mugshot first.

The Cape May Police Department left a contact number on their Facebook page along with a "pugshot" of the wayward tail-wagger after an officer spotted her on Sunday along New Jersey Avenue.

"This is what happens when you run away from home. This guy was captured sneaking through yards on the 1300 block on New Jersey Avenue," the department posted Sunday on their Facebook page, with the hashtag: #pugmug.

Patrolman Michael LeSage discovered "Bean," according to Pix11 News, and told The Star-Ledger of Newark that she struggled getting into the patrol car because of her short legs. So LeSage scooped her up and placed her inside the vehicle; No paw-cuffs were used in this faux arrest.

The photo shoot didn't end with the hilarious pugshot. The hospitable officers posted another picture of their temporary house guest inside a cell along with a happy update: the pug was released on bail.

Hopefully, Bean didn't drink from the wrong bowl.

Twitter instantly fell in love with the "bad" pug, who was guilty of stealing our hearts.

Hadley Hubbard of Baltimore, Maryland, thanked the police for finding Bean and updated them, saying she fell asleep after an "exciting run."

The citizens of Cape May can now rest easy knowing that their streets are safe from the prowling, but adorable, pooch.

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