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Bar Sparks Debate With 'Johnny Depp Shot' Men Can Discreetly Order If They're Feeling Unsafe

Bar Sparks Debate With 'Johnny Depp Shot' Men Can Discreetly Order If They're Feeling Unsafe
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Though we all like to go out and have a fun time, some of us have unfortunately found ourselves in unsafe and scary situations and needed a way to be able to leave the scene quietly and safely.

For women who are out having a drink, many people have heard of the "Angel Shot" that can be ordered at bars and pubs, to the point most drink staff are trained to know the message behind the drink.

If a customer orders an Angel Shot, it means they are feeling unsafe for some reason and need assistance from the restaurant staff.

A pub in the United States—that wished to remain anonymous—recently created a version of this for men.

Introducing the Johnny Depp shot, which was featured on flyers in the men's restroom:

"Johnny Depp Shot: Here to keep you safe."
"Feeling unsafe or scared, just come to the bar and order a Johnny Depp shot."
"Order it Neat, and bar staff will escort you out of the building."
"Order it On The Rocks, and bar staff will call a taxi for you."
"Order it With Lime, and bar staff will call the police."
"We will handle things discreetly and without a fuss."


Upon discovering this flyer, Redditor Flair_Inferno shared it on the "D*mnThat'sInteresting" subReddit, simply stating:

"In the men's bathroom at the pub."

Fellow Redditors were pleased to see this option was being presented to men who felt unsafe.

"I like that there's an alteration. Abusers use the internet too, so when something like this becomes too common knowledge, it can become dangerous. It's good to have a few varieties to help hide the intended use better." - RestaurantNo7749

"Even if people know about the shot, it's a great idea as is. The concept isn't meant to solve abuse; it's a way to separate someone from a potentially dangerous situation."

"Examples of uses at venues I've worked: someone wouldn't stop hitting on someone else/won't take no for an answer, someone thinking their drink has been spiked, someone not wanting their SO/friend to drive home from the venue intoxicated, etc."

"Any time we've had issues of physical violence or abuse, we deal with it as soon as we see it on CCTV or a stationary guard or roam team encounters the situation." - loqui0238

"Glad to see that it's not only women who have things like this." - GlassDweller

"There are bars where (gasp) men feel unsafe because of other predatory men who, unfortunately, act in unsafe and non-consensual ways, too." - Decent-Salamander219

But some weren't so convinced by the name of the drink.

Though the latest Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case ruled in favor of Johnny Depp's defamation case, there were still plenty of people who were not convinced. Some did not think he was proven innocent, while others saw issues with both Depp and Heard.

Naming the drink after someone who has such mixed reviews may have not been the best choice.

"Why 'Johnny Depp'?" - jaketh

"The idea of presenting a male alternative to the Angel Shot is pretty cool but calling it Johnny Depp when the dude is literally a convicted assaulter is f**king embarrassing." - IngloriousOmen

"The intention behind it is great, but this will definitely not work, I can already see a bunch of drunk assholes abusing this and then staff not knowing who actually needs help and who's just joking, followed by the sign being removed." - Kls7

The conversation continued on Twitter, where users expressed the same concerns.

Though this hasn't always been well-known or well-accepted, men absolutely can have abusive partners or find themselves in unsafe situations. It makes sense resources should be provided for their safety as well.

However, it stands to reason a drink at a pub could have a similarly innocuous name as the women's version. Not only would it be easier to conceal what was being ordered, but it would avoid any of the pop culture arguments the current name of the drink invites.