Professional Divers Recreate Avengers Assembling Together In Impressive Video


Olympic diving champion Jack Laugher and six diving pals have taken the internet by storm with a reverse Avenger-inspired routine.

A video posted to Twitter shows Rio 2016 synchro gold medal-winner Laugher, fellow British Olympic medalist Dan Goodfellow and others seemingly leaping out of the water and striking superhero poses.

In the video – which has been reversed to achieve the impressive effect – Laugher takes on the role of Dr. Strange, while Goodfellow appears as Captain America, complete with a plastic racket in place of his famous shield.

Also featured are Commonwealth medalist James Heatly as Spider-Man, and World Championship silver winner Matty Lee as Iron Man, two more British divers, Lucas Thomson and Noah Williams, as Hawkeye and Thor, as well as Yona Knight-Wisdom, who competes for Jamaica, as Black Panther.

Although others have posted similar videos in the past, it seems the added acrobatics of the professional divers propelled it to viral status.

The clip posted by Laugher quickly racked up nearly a million views, while a version shared from Goodfellow's TikTok account had picked up a further two million views by Monday afternoon.

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