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Police Roast 'Helpful' Drug Dealer On Facebook After He Makes A Facepalm-Worthy Mistake

GMP Tafford North/Facebook, Paul Holt/Facebook

A suspected drug dealer handed police a gift after leaving a bag of narcotics on a tram in the UK – along with his full name and address. The police station took it as the perfect opportunity to roast. Greater Manchester Police Trafford North shared an image of the bag and various illegal drugs, with the words: “Deal or No Deal?"

“Police appeal to reunite lost property with its owner. A poor individual has forgotten his rucksack while traveling on the tram on the Bury line," the post continues.

According to the post, the bag contained 25 tablets, a “large amount" of white powder, bags of white rocks and scales.

More and more people are coming out and stating that the bag is theirs as a joking way to get to those free substances. But, mostly people are roasting the poor guy that didn't think about keeping anonymity.

“Thankfully the owner of the bag was helpful enough to leave his Community Payback card, his name and address," police added, using the hashtags #thoughtfuldealer and #honeyiforgotmydrugs.