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Police Dog Chomps Down On Cop Who Is Aggressively Brutalizing Protester In Viral Video

Police Dog Chomps Down On Cop Who Is Aggressively Brutalizing Protester In Viral Video
Apex World News / Twitter

There's nothing that makes the internet happier than the story of a very-good-boy. While cats may have been the de facto pet of the internet at one point, the love of dogs has proven itself enduring over the long run.

With ongoing tensions between protesters and law enforcement around the world, the story of a police dog siding with the people was bound to go viral.

And so it did in Bristol, England, where people have been protesting an unfair bill.

The video was provided by Apex World News.

In the video above, the police gang up on the victim, a photographer, who moves to escape, but is instead pushed over a concrete street divider. The police push him down and strike him before dragging him back across the divider.

The police dog then enters the fray and jumps up to bite the officer holding the victim. As the officers try to stop the animal, the victim is able to get free.

This led many online to cheer for the dog.

The protests in Bristol happened in response to the "Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021" that is currently being discussed in the House of Commons.

The bill is looking to be passed as a way to allow police deal with protests that "are not primarily violent or seriously disorderly" but could disrupt the workings of the city or police. The protesters see this as a way to silence peaceful protests.

As the British people make their voices heard on the subject of the new crime bill, clashes with police were almost guaranteed.

Which is why many saw this dog as being on the right side of this story.

Since the start of the uprisings a year ago, there's been a lot of questions about the place and purpose of policing in the modern world.

But even times such as this need a little levity, which is why the meme about canceling the Paw Patrol started. Paw Patrol is an animated children's program, featuring different dogs with different jobs, including Chase, the police dog.

The joke Chase should be canceled became so popular, right wing figures like Eric Trump and Ted Cruz mistook it for a real sentiment.

It's always nice to have a laugh or two, even during such trying times.

The protests in Bristol over the controversial Crime Bill continue this week. Conflicts with police have escalated into riots, with accusations of police violence as the fuel.

Priti Patel, Secretary of State for the Home Department, has condemned the riots that have resulted, while Andy Roebuck, the chairman of a Police Federation, called the protesters "a mob of animals".

Based on these comments, it seems those in power are missing the point of the demonstrations in the first place.