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Sun Country Pilot Arrested For Bringing Loaded Gun In His Carry-On Bag

Photo by Nick Potts -PA Images via Getty Images

Brian A. Machtemes, a pilot for Twin Cities-based Sun Country Airlines was arrested in Florida for trying to bring a loaded gun onto a flight. While he had a permit, it was issued from Minnesota, and was not recognized by Florida authorities.

Although pilots are permitted to carry firearms (since 2003) in the event someone tries to take control of the cabin, Machtemes was arrested on a felony count of suspicion of having an unlicensed firearm. He was able to post bond and was given a trial date. The airline says his arrest caused disruptions to flights. Passengers were given hotel rooms, $200 flight vouchers and meals.

Pilots are allowed to carry firearms, but they are to be locked in a case. Machtemes' gun was in his luggage. The airline says that some of its pilots have been deputized as federal law enforcement after attending 56 hours of specialized training. It is unknown in Machtemes had such training.

Opinions were all over the place.

Of course we should all be grateful...

Props to the pilot for not being drunk!

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