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A Trump Adviser Challenged '60 Minutes' To Prove They Covered Pandemic Preparations In The Past—And '60 Minutes' Came With The Receipts

When criticized for their response to the global pandemic, the Trump administration's go-to defense has been that they're being treated unfairly.

They claim no other Presidents have had to deal with similarly harsh coverage.

Of course, this claim is not hard to debunk, as Trump advisor Peter Navarro found out when he visited 60 Minutes and claimed the program had not spent time outlining pandemic responses from previous administrations.

60 Minutes quickly put together a compilation video putting Navarro in his place.

Navarro was clearly most interested in putting a positive spin on the truth.

Navarro's claims were even disproved by...Navarro himself.

After filming the interview, it was reported that Navarro sent multiple internal memos to the Trump administration warning them of the virus' catastrophic possibilities.

60 Minutes went on to outline how the federal response to the pandemic has fallen shamefully short.

It's worth remembering the higher standards we've held every other President to.

While the federal government dropped the ball, state leaders have picked it up and run with it.

And 60 Minutes wasn't the only news program to offer coverage of previous administrations' pandemic preparation.

Twitter couldn't believe Navarro put himself in such an embarrassing position.

60 Minutes wasn't going to let Navarro's inaccuracies fly.

Our past Presidents set our country up for success.

President Trump destroyed their plans.

There may be some news outlets that White House officials can roll over with enough confidence, but it's become pretty clear that 60 Minutes isn't one of them.

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