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People Are Sharing Their Fondest Music Memories and They're Totally Bringing Us Back

People Are Sharing Their Fondest Music Memories and They're Totally Bringing Us Back
SEAN GLADWELL/Getty images, @Lavendermee3/Twitter

Music is one of those things that seems to really move people.

It can change your mood, change your emotional state, and help sear memories into your mind for ages.

Twitter is encouraging people to share some of those memories with the popular hashtag #MusicMemoriesFromChildhood and it's honestly been a fun little walk down memory lane for a lot of people.

Personally, we've got tons of memories bouncing around the office as we work on this piece. One of us recalls sitting in the back seat of her car while her parents playfully sang Debarge's "I Like It" to one another.

Unsurprisingly, it's still one of her favorite songs. Another can't help but smile when Boston's "More Than A Feeling" comes on; memories of an old friend creep up every time.

Barbara Streisand is permanently banned in one person's home because his mother used to obsessively play her records from beginning to end on repeat - he's had enough Streisand for several lifetimes.

Twitter's memories are as varied as ours are, but first let's look at the original post.

Music memories from childhood is a simple enough request - but the replies ranged from happy to heartbreaking and everything in between.

(Dear Cool Chris,

We were - and still are - terrified of this theme music, too! Whenever we watch re-runs, which is often, we scramble for the mute button every time the theme starts. The idea of the upcoming reboot is horrifyingly delicious. We feel you, homie.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled article, already in progress. Back to the music memories, folks!

We want to know what your childhood music memories are, so share them in the comments!