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People Reveal The Weirdest Thing A Houseguest Has Done While Staying Over

People Reveal The Weirdest Thing A Houseguest Has Done While Staying Over

When you stay anywhere other than your own home, the rules and expectations of the space change. These people share what the weirdest things a guest has done in their space.

u/Romantic_Amoeba asks:

What's the most fucked up thing a guest did in your house?

When they stop taking their medication


Friend living in Europe came to US to visit family. Her husband was here for a couple of weeks but went back to Europe for work while she stayed with us for the summer. Unbeknownst to us, she had stopped taking her medications, and started racking up long distance phone calls to Europe in the middle of the night/early morning to talk to her husband. But if she called his office, and he wasn't there, she would just ask to be put on hold until he returned to the office.

Received a $3000 phone bill and realized what had happened.


When grandma gets a little wild

After my mum passed away her elderly friend came to visit. She asked me for wine. She pounded back four glasses. Then she whipped out a handful of sleeping pills and downed those. I freaked out. She said she did it 'all the time'. She then proceeded to fall off the chair. She tried going upstairs and started to fall. I caught her and half carried her to bed. I heard her fall hard on the floor. She was laughing and delirious (she was 74). I wanted to call an ambulance but she flat out refused. I put her back in bed. Rinse and repeat three times. The next morning I asked if she had other friends she could stay with. I drove her to them.


When they throw up on the dog

I was at a party - and I hear the host yell "OMG - Who threw up on my DOG??!?!?!

Dog was a shepard mix, a bit stout, so he was walking around with a puddle of puke on his back like it was a saddle.



I had a friend that spent the night over at my house when I was 9. She accidentally pooed her pants overnight but instead of going to the bathroom, she just took her underwear off and threw it under my bed. After she left, my mom told me my room smelled terrible and she couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Eventually, we found her dirty poopy panties under my bed. After that, she was no longer allowed to stay over.


When they have too much fun


There was this kid who lived around the block that would come over sometimes. Well one day he found some lemonade mix and decided the best thing to do with it was to dump it all on the ground, use the sink nozzle to get the floor wet, and turn the kitchen into a "skating rink". Why the lemonade mix was necessary I have no idea, but that was a really fun day until my parents came home.


What a sight to see

Years ago, my old housemate's mum came to visit. I'd just done a 14hr shift in the pub I was working in at the time. I came home to find her in the kitchen off her face, in her tights, surrounded by broken glass on the floor and eating my cereal from the bag. She'd smashed all the wine glasses. She was a councillor for the Tory party too. Housemate had passed out so had to deal with this wreck of a woman who I'd never met before.


That's just wrong

I had a friend who would visit occasionally when I lived in an apartment with my wife. He would always leave early in the morning on Sunday before either I or my wife was awake. And he would plug the toilet and just leave it. Every. F******.Time.


When mom comes over...

Almost every time my mom came to my house she did something f****** up. She would break things, or decide something needed fixing and call up whatever repair or service person was and then just present me with the bill when I came home from work. She flooded my kitchen once, which leaked out all over my living room and warped my hardwood floors. I came home once and she had repainted my kitchen. But the worst was when she left candles burning and we woke up to my living room in flames. Almost killed us both.


Filter your guests

My gf's old friend was in town so he stayed with us. I already didn't trust him because he was a terrible alcoholic and was known to steal things. He stayed in her room and she slept in mine. Woke up at about 8:30 and he was gone. He pissed the bed, stole a vinyl of Elvis Presley's Moody Blue album from her wall (she had a limited edition black pressing) and we never heard from him again. He died a couple of months ago from heroin overdose.


Don't mess with the shower


Had a houseguest, who was fairly tall, turn the showerhead around to bounce the water off the drywall and ceiling to get the water to fall on his head. He has not been invited back.


Tame your beast!

Her adult dog pissed in my kitchen and she ignored it and then ignored me when I pointed it out and had to clean it myself.


When you grew up in two very different families

When I was a kid, a friend of mine used to come over and instead of toilet paper, she wiped her butt with a washcloth, then left it in our sink. It wasn't even a wet washcloth like she was dry. She did this multiple times, like it was an ok thing to do. I have no idea what in the hell they did in their own home, but I never visited to find out.


The sneaky guest...

Ran up a $600 phone bill accepting collect calls from her boyfriend and stole the bill out of my mailbox and stuffed it under her mattress where I found it after she went back home. Her brother, my housemate, refused to pay even a penny and since the bill was in my name, I got stuck with the whole thing.


When they bring the flood

Someone at my house tried to increase the water pressure in the shower by twisting the little knob under the sink, which MAKES NO SENSE. So she did that, and water started leaking inside the walls and she caused serious water damage to the paint and wood in 3 rooms and 2 stories of our house. She knew it happened too, basically said "whoops," and never apologized either


When they violate your very personal products


My mother-in-law used my shower loofah for five days without telling me. I only found out when she asked where to get one because she enjoyed mine so much.

Only one of the reasons I detest that woman.


The ultimate revenge

A guy who came over to party puked all over my bathroom and then didn't clean it, just went to sleep in my bed. I got him back tho. I married him a couple years later and gave him two kids and he has had to clean waaay more puke since then.