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People Explain How They Got Their Boss Fired

People Explain How They Got Their Boss Fired

I used to work for a guy who was seriously not just the worst boss ever, but the worst human being. I'm talking openly racist, abusive, with 'roid rage issues, criminally negligent, a fraud. I could go on but seriously there are legal cases in the works right now, so...

Thing is, it took over a year working there for all of this to come to light. I thought it was strange that the day of my first interview all of the other employees kept asking me if I really needed the job.

Red flag AF, you guys. We couldn't get him fired as he was the owner of the company, but several of us did report him to appropriate boards, etc. It's worth noting that this guy was so bad to work for, that everyone who was in the office has left not just the job, but the entire industry and in two cases moved out of the entire state. Yeah. He sucked that bad.

Reddit user Tunaball25 asked

People who've gotten their bosses fired: how?

I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed reading every single one of these responses from people who managed to do what we couldn't. So if you've ever had a terrible boss who you wanted to get fired - go ahead and dive in. Some of the entries have been edited for language or clarity, but every awful (and awesome) detail is still right here for you to enjoy.

Pretty Manageable


The CEO publicly praised me for completing a task that my boss had struggled with, so my boss retaliated by forwarding all of his tasks to me in an effort to overwhelm me with work. I actually found his job pretty manageable, which the CEO also noticed and fired him, giving me his job and office.

- karatelemon

The Threat

He grabbed the back of my neck and said "If you ever say I'm wrong in front of a customer again I will beat your @ss."

I went to the GM and told him and my supervisor was relieved of his duties about 5 minutes later.

- PostedIntel


Had a doctor that constantly ignored patients in serious pain. He thought all of them were faking it to get pain killers. After a senior director at Microsoft died from a heart attack in our ER that he refused to do an EKG on, I went to management and told them what I had seen.

- quiet-nurse

The Investigation


It was my supervisor. It got to the point that I had decided to quit. I had my resignation letter in my purse, but decided to let his boss know why I was quitting.

Supervisor would talk about all the people on our team constantly, but only behind their backs. I got so sick of telling him to cut it out. My husband and I happened to work at the same place (different departments) and my Supervisor would make sexual comments about threesomes (ewww), what hotel we should pick for our afternoon delight, sh*t like that. It was so bloody uncomfortable.

Apart from this, he spent most of his supervising time outside smoking. The problem in my mind was that Supervisor was "one of the guys" and I was the only girl.

Turns out I didn't need to worry about that. His boss was disgusted and told his boss - who lost his mind. They started an investigation which took three days. They interviewed staff - who corroborated what I said. They checked the security cameras, saw he was spending most of his work day outside smoking. And was fired.

When he was told he guessed (wasn't hard!) that I was the person who complained and tried to get to me to "apologize that I took it the wrong way." The best feeling was my co workers surrounding me as he was walked out. That was a lovely ending to it all.

- irishmuminacoldland

The Zamboni

Was working maintenance at an ice rink. The rule for anyone who knows how an ice rink works is if the zamboni doors open, you get the f--- off the ice. Some d!ck-head decided to ignore the fact that they were open and that I was standing in the doorway, and decided to rip off one last slap-shot. The puck bounced off the glass and hit me in the head.

I was OK, but reported it to my boss, because we have to fill out an incident report for things like that. The boss asked "Are you OK?" I said I feel OK, then he responded with "Well, we don't really have to report it then do we?" I reminded him of the protocol, but it was clear he didn't want to do it. Since he wouldn't do it, I sent a descriptive email of the incident up to the administration, because I felt there should be some sort of documentation/paper trail in case god-forbid I ended up having a brain hemorrhage or something a few days later.

The boss was fired by my next shift.

- grizzfan

Short Term Disability


I was fired because I "abandoned my job" while on short term disability. While on approved leave, they set a date for me to return and never informed me (by their own admission.) When I obviously didn't return to work... I was fired.

The locker I had at work had my work boots in it that the company pays $90 a year towards. However there isn't a pair under $100 available. So you always end up having some come out of your paycheck. At that point they are yours regardless of the company line. My supervisor disagreed and said they were thrown out.

I reported them stolen and explained the entire situation. The HR director responsible for getting me fired was fired.

- r48811

Moms Death

Phoned him to tell him I won't be at work for the rest of the week as my mum is terminally ill in hospital.

The next day (about an hour after she passed away) he phoned and asked why I wasn't at work, I just hung up on him so I wouldn't say anything that would get me in trouble.

The next day I sent the area-manager a Whatsapp message explaining what he'd be done and attached a video of him breaking the freezer door while having a tantrum. That door cost the store nearly £5000 in lost stock and the repair costs. He had told the his manager that the door broke on its own. He got fired that day and I got 2 weeks off with full pay.

- AkariAkaza

As A Customer

Not my boss but I helped my friend get her boss fired. He was a general manager, and always grabbing her sides, purposely scheduling her to have shifts alone with him, asking her for nudes, asking her to sleep with him, etc. She reported it so many times to the owner (big boss) and they said they couldn't do anything because they hadn't seen it and had no reports other than her account. In short, she had no "witnesses" and couldn't prove anything, it was her word against his, they were not going to reprimand him.

So I called and complained as a customer about how I witnessed him being creepy to her and how it made me uncomfortable. For the most part true lol, I just don't shop there.

- Gardengnostlc

17 Hours


My manager wanted to prove I'm slacking off so he could write me up. So he watched CCTV footages then wrote, printed out and SIGNED a detailed 17 page Word document of what did I do in the past two days. With timestamps (like, 07:59 arriving, 08:01 speaking with co-worker A and B, 08:07 sitting down to my desk, etc.)

He told me that he's not happy with my work ethics and if I won't improve my efficiency, I'm fired.

So I took the papers and showed them to his boss. I told her that I'm not happy with my managers work ethics and his efficiency might be better if he didn't watch 17 hours of CCTV footage to spy on an employee. She was terrified (it would've been a rock solid lawsuit for me - but I love my job) and we had to search for a new manager. Also, my salary was raised.

- CrazyHussarHU

Showing Up At The House

My boss, John, would show up at my house after work hours to discuss work stuff. When I asked him to stop, he tried to fire me. When at the HR meeting the following day, I explained my story and showed them the video from my door camera.

They literally go "John, we've talked about this" and asked me to leave the meeting. 2 hours later he walks out and announces that he's leaving.

- comradetbm

Customer Surveys

I worked in a call center for a computer manufacturer. Sometimes my manager would take calls when we were short staffed, or just simply overloaded with calls, and anytime he did he was just relentlessly rude to the customers. It was a tech support job, and he often sounded like Roy from the IT crowd if you've ever seen it. He would berate customers that didn't understand computers (and we had a LARGE number of elderly callers that just didn't understand) literally calling them stupid, yelling at them because they couldn't figure out where something was, etc...

Eventually it would get to the point where callers would hang up on him because he was so mean to them. He'd put in his support ticket as "user error" or something along those lines, and continue on to the next call. After a particularly rough couple of weeks due to a botched software roll out, I started getting several calls myself from people saying that they had spoken to a really rude guy, and if they heard his voice they would just hang up.

Any time I got one of these calls and the boss wasn't next to me, I started telling the callers that I would send them a survey linked to the ticket that he had submitted for them and they could report how he treated them. This was actually the policy at the time so I was technically just doing my job.

I went in to work one day and this guy's desk was totally cleaned out and his computer was gone.

I talked to another manager that I was friends with, and she told me that there was a mysterious influx of negative surveys, so HIS boss (the big boss) decided to listen to some of his phone calls to see what was going on. After just a few, he called him in and fired him. He had been at this company for like 15 years, and his seniority was apparently keeping him from getting his calls reviewed, so he just took advantage.

I never told anyone I was the guy sending the surveys.

- Mallos42

Just Bob Being Bob


I worked in a cafeteria as a catering coordinator.

They had a manager who would stand up against the wall by the female cashiers and "observe" them...making sure they were doing their staring at their asses at all.

It made them uncomfortable, so they complained to their supervisor. She said - yeah a she..that that was "Just Bob being Bob."

Now this was for a large government funded broadcaster, so I went to HR and told them about it. They sent someone down for 3 days straight to get lunch and "observe" him.

They confronted him with proof and fired him.

Then they brought in the cashier's supervisor and asked if she ignored complaints from staff. She at first denied it, but they had proof; so she was fired at the same time.

- Wencar

Topless Beaches

I was a contractor for a big wireless carrier. I worked in IT along with a team of about 5 other people and our boss. Our boss was kind of a dude-bro, young, loud and liked to joke around a lot. 3 of the people on the team were young women.

We were in a team meeting and the boss was talking about his upcoming destination wedding and was discussing the topless beaches there. I forget the exact context, but he said something along the lines of 'Take your tops off ladies!' and then 'Get your phones out guys!'

He was kidding (I think?) but I could see that the women were super uncomfortable, it was gross and inappropriate, and the joke went on a lot longer than it needed to.

He left that weekend for his wedding. I called HR to complain.

When he got back a couple weeks later, we were having kind of a follow-up meeting with him and the team. His blackberry rings, and he says 'Hey, I need to step out, corporate wants to talk to me.' He sounded worried.

He was back like 4 hours later and says 'I'm no longer your guys' boss on this project.' And I never saw his fat frat boy ass again.

- ichegoya

Green Steak

I am a chef.

I came into work on the 1st of January a few years ago after having a few days off. Most of the main items for the menu had gone bad. So I went to the manager and told them I could only serve a few things off of the menu until things were re-ordered. He was cool with it. Later that day we counted the stock to throw away.

The head chef came in at this point and went crazy. He actually the spoiled food back in the fridge to serve. I showed him the green steak, he said it was fine! It was green! Green is not fine! He then texted all the kitchen staff to say I was under disciplinary action, I laughed so hard.

He was sacked the next day. His total food cost waste was 4 grand or something in a 4 month period. I did/didn't get him sacked. I certainly complained - but he mostly did it to himself.

- blacksteelgajeel52



I went to the owners and told them the manager had pinned more than one girl against the wall to try and kiss them. They asked me to find it on the cctv so they can get rid of him - and they actually did.


- Lifes_a_Dream

Police And The Panty Check

I was a police officer for almost 10 years and one night I was talking to the desk sergeant who was a real dick and everyone hated him. In comes one of the patrol guys who has just arrested a couple for "open lewdness" - a polite way of saying he caught them screwing in a park.

The couple is insisting they weren't doing anything wrong, and the patrol guy says "Ma'am, I saw your vagina." She replies "I'm wearing underwear, you can't have seen my vagina!" and they start arguing over whether the woman is wearing underwear or not.

Eventually the woman grabs her skirt like she's about to pull it over her head and says "DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY UNDERWEAR?" and everyone in the room yells "NO!" at her.

The thing is, as a cop it's an almost 100% certainty that every person you arrest is going to make at least a half-assed effort at filing a complaint about the fact that they were unjustly "arrested while minding their own business." Obviously "then they forced me to display my bare vagina" is a future sound bite that nobody wants to be a part of.

So the desk sergeant comes up with the idea that we will do a panty check, but have a female officer do it. Problem is there's no female officer on duty.

So then he comes up with the bright idea to request a random female civilian off the street perform the check...and at this point I stepped up to him and suggested that this was not a good idea. He appreciated my questioning his decision about as much as a dog likes lemons and put me in my place.

So I sat down to see how this unfolded. That's when I realized that from where I'm sitting, I can clearly see up the woman's skirt to her bright yellow panties. The arresting officer couldn't have seen what he claimed. She was right. She was absolutely wearing panties.

Now I know I can shut this whole thing down. I stepped up to the desk sergeant and said "I need to speak to you privately, and quickly" and he yelled at me, saying:

"You need to get the f*ck out of my station and out to your patrol area!" I told him I was on it and went on my way.

The next day I discovered the totally predictable outcome had come to pass. He had, in fact, gotten a random stranger to perform a panty check on the woman. The female stranger confirmed the panties - and she was also deeply morally offended at the indignity the poor woman had been subjected to. Complaints were filed all around with every person present being named...except me; because I'd been ejected from the station house prior to the main event.

We had a new desk sergeant the next day, and I didn't see the old one again for like 2 years. Eventually ran into him doing classroom training. He was super friendly, and missing a stripe of rank. I wondered what he was playing at until I realized he didn't even remember I was there that night, and had no idea that I could have saved him from his misguided course of action, but that I let him burn his own career down because he was an assh*le who didn't deserve to hold rank.

- McFeely_Smackup

Cake Making Theif

Told my bosses at Baskin Robbins to check the security surveillance at a certain time. I saw our assistant manager/cake maker was stealing cash. I honestly hated the guy. Not sorry, Calvin.

- ShotCollier

Graphic Novel


My boss texted me a "graphic novel" he was writing about coworkers raping each other. I showed it to the owner. Boss was fired. Pretty weird stuff.

- Myawesomeself

Brand New Cadillac

I worked in management at a call center. The director suddenly withheld all yearly bonuses/raises for management and cut out all overtime. He made reps work through lunch, but bought $5 pizzas and gave everyone 2 slices to eat while taking calls.

Of course he still docked paychecks to reflect a lunch taken. He showed up to work 2 months later in a brand new Cadillac. I called the corporate HR office and let them know everyone's paychecks decreased and he came to work in a brand new f*cking Cadillac.


- D0kk3n