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Pelosi's Diss Of McCarthy For Opposing Congressional Mask Mandate Sparks Brutal Nicknames

Pelosi's Diss Of McCarthy For Opposing Congressional Mask Mandate Sparks Brutal Nicknames
Alex Wong/Getty Images; Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

If you're at the end of your rope with conservatives' temper tantrums over masking during the pandemic, you are not alone.

Even Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seems to have absolutely had it with Republicans balking at this simple preventative measure.

The Speaker, normally restrained and polite to a degree that frustrates many liberals, seems to be so fed up she has taken to speaking plainly about her conservative colleagues.

Specifically, about California Republican and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, whom Pelosi called "a moron" to a phalanx of press earlier this week after he melodramatically criticized reinstated masking rules.

You can see a video clip below.

Pelosi's "moron" comment came following her reinstatement of a mask mandate in the House of Representatives amid the surging delta variant of the virus, which has sent cases and hospitalizations soaring anew—including, albeit to a far lesser degree, among the fully vaccinated.

Because of this, the CDC recently updated its masking guidance, recommending all persons in high-risk areas wear masks in public regardless of vaccination status.

But in a tweet, seen below, representative McCarthy claimed the new mask mandate had nothing to do with science, but rather is simply another attempt by liberal politicians to control the lives of conservatives.

Why liberals trying to keep conservatives from killing themselves and others is so repugnant to McCarthy is less clear.

That is, to be frank, a moronic statement, given the recommendations come from the CDC, a non-partisan organization.

And Pelosi's reinstated mask mandate was issued at the urging of Congress' attending physician, Dr. Brian Monahan, who is not a politician and whose party membership is not known.

Given the facts, McCarthy's charge makes no sense, which might be why Pelosi's moniker for him seems to have stuck on the internet.

Both a viral hashtag, "#MoronMcCarthy," and a spate of new memes was born on Twitter as users mocked McCarthy's melodramatic response to the public health guidance.

The diss also sparked some other trolling variations of McCarthy's name, including "Kevin Moron" and "Kevin McMoron."

McCarthy, a conspiracy theorist and sycophant to former Republican President Donald Trump who has vigorously defended the Capitol rioters and continues to maintain Trump won the 2020 election, has been joined by several of his fellow Republicans in decrying the reinstated public health and CDC recommended masking guidelines.