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Jordan Klepper’s 'The Opposition' Accuses 'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones of Being a 'Crisis Actor'

Jordan Klepper’s 'The Opposition' Accuses 'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones of Being a 'Crisis Actor'
(Comedy Central/YouTube, @AlainGagnon1959)

One of The Opposition's "citizen journalists" Kobi Libii had an epiphany during a segment of the Comedy Central series when he realized the person he was trying to track down for an interview was not America's most prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars, but was a crisis actor instead.

The news satire program showed a montage of various InfoWars hosts accusing Parkland survivor and gun reform advocate David Hogg of being a "crisis actor." So Libii tracked down Jones, who's currently defending himself against multiple defamation lawsuits, to turn the tables on him.

When Libii tracked down Jones at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and wasn't allowed inside, he noted that it was out of character for Jones denying media access.

Alex Jones believes in a free, independent media. It just doesn't sound like him. He wouldn't do that. It's almost like it's not him.

And then it hit him...(Comedy Central/YouTube)

Libii surmised the appearance was nothing but a hoax, a "false flag" event.

This is a crisis actor playing Alex Jones. The real Alex Jones would want to confront this imposter, with or without proof.

The citizen journalist confronted Jones outside the building to determine whether the person was the real Alex Jones, or an imposter portraying himself as a victim of media bias.

It made me concerned that you're weren't the real Alex Jones. That you were, yourself, a crisis actor. I just want to be clear, I'm not calling you a crisis actor. I think you're the victim of these lawsuits and obviously calling a victim a crisis actor would be a monstrous thing to do.

"I did not call them crisis actors." – Alex Jones(Comedy Central/YouTube)

In response to Libii's lively encounter, Jones denied calling the survivors of mass shootings in the media as "crisis actors."

You guys said I said that, edited the tape, and then sat there and said 'What a piece of crap' to try to get anger in your target viewers.

Libii turned to the camera and told viewers, "This isn't Alex Jones."

The host asked Jones if he felt any sense of responsibility for saying things that might "impact people's lives."

Jones responded:

I don't feel responsibility for you guys misrepresenting what I've said to then try to ban free speech.

Moving on, the intensity dialed up a few notches when Libii asked, "If you're the real Alex Jones, why haven't you offered to sell me any supplements yet?"

What followed was a yelling match between the two, but it was just Libii matching the volume and intensity of Jones's natural speaking voice. As Jones babbled about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos being the "biggest supplement seller in the world," the citizen journalist managed to mimic Jones to his face by simultaneously using some of the exact same loud words.

They're both getting really loud.(Comedy Central/YouTube)

Viewers saw no credibility in Alex Jones.

But Twitter praised the Comedy Central show.

And special mention went out to Kobi Libii.

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