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OnlyFans Model 'Ruined' Mom's Marriage After Discovering Stepdad Was Her Top Subscriber

Taila Maddison was horrified to discover her x-rated account's top subscriber was her very own stepfather.

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An Australian OnlyFans model said she ruined her mother's marriage after discovering her stepfather was her top subscriber on the amateur porn site.

Taila Maddison recounted how she discovered the true identity of her number one fan of her online content was her stepdad.

She talked about the "family trauma" ordeal on TikTok, saying:

“When I first started my website, I had this customer who was my number one customer, bought every single thing that I sent him, he was pretty much a follower since the beginning."

Maddison continued:

"We would talk every day, he made custom requests–very specific things–and he also had a very specific username on the website.”

She said after two months, she noticed this subscriber spent $2,000 Australian dollars ($1,330 US) on customized photos and videos on her page.

You can watch her video here:

Woman's Stepdad Secretly Subscribed To Her Only

Around this time, Maddison noticed someone had the exact same username on her TikTok page and it indicated the person was from her personalized contacts.

She continued:

“I went absolutely mental trying to figure out who this person was from my contacts."
“I narrowed it down to six people, and one of them was my stepdad."
"I went with my gut feeling and I messaged the website account and I said, ‘I know who this is.’"
“Within two minutes, I got a text from my stepdad saying, ‘Hey Tai, can we talk?’”

TikTokers pointed out who was really responsible for the dissolution of her mother's marriage.





One user highlighted a positive.


Maddison explained in a since muted—made private—follow-up clip her stepdad had been in her life since she was 11 years old–which only made things extra cringe.

She added:

"When I caught him, he denied it to all of his friends, and obviously my mum got rid of him straight away."
“But yeah, if you want to talk about family trauma, my stepdad watched me have sex with my partner for two months.”

TikTokers shared their observations.





When one user asked if she was okay in the aftermath, Maddison replied:

"I’m okay now, at the time I couldn’t leave the house for a couple of days."
"I was still working in retail and was too anxious to be at the shopping."

And when another user cautioned her by suggesting the stepdad could still be a subscriber under a different username, Maddison replied:

"His phone is blocked, but possible from another device! X"

When curious users asked exactly what kind of instructions her stepdad left for the requested content, Maddison said:

“Like I said, in a previous video, we messaged every single day on the website, and he would make requests almost every single day."
“One of them was to see the underwear that I was wearing every day."
"At the time I was working still, so I was out of the house five days a week, and he would ask for pictures in the bathroom or the changing rooms of wherever I was."
“He also requested that when I was filming solo content at home, that I would not do it in the bathroom or in the shower."
"He always wanted it to be on my bed or on the floor of my bedroom.”

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Maddison said:

“I have not heard from him since the day I called him out."
“He wouldn’t even come into the house to collect his belongings while I was there.”

She reminded other OnlyFans creators of the risk involved when putting themselves out there on similar platforms, noting it is:

“highly likely someone from your school, gym, workplace, or family is watching your every move."