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'One Million Moms' Loses It Over Kids' Shampoo Commercial Featuring Child In Rainbow Tutu

The conservative group accused Aveeno Kids Shampoo of 'child indoctrination' with their adorable new ad.

Twitter screenshot of Aveeno Kids Shampoo commercial
Aveeno Kids Shampoo

The vehemently homophobic conservative group One Million Moms—an arm of the Christian fundamentalist nonprofit American Family Association (AFA)—lost it over an Aveeno Kids Shampoo commercial featuring a child in a rainbow tutu.

This particular advertisement deviates from the group's usual contention points, as it does not include any depictions of same-sex couples or openly LGBTQ+ people existing.

The ad, which has been circulating online since last year, features a child enjoying a bath and playtime, wearing a combination of an astronaut suit and a rainbow tutu.

You can see it below.

One Million Moms—which appears to be just one woman—sees this innocent and imaginative scene as a deliberate act of "child indoctrination."

On its official website, the group claims Aveeno Kids is engaging in "child indoctrination" by showcasing a young boy using the shampoo during his bath and later donning an astronaut outfit paired with a rainbow tutu.

The organization said:

“The male child is depicted using Aveeno Kids shampoo during bath time. Then, he is shown playing in what appears to be an astronaut costume with a pastel, rainbow-striped tutu added on top of his astronaut ensemble. This ad furtively advocates for the LGBTQ lifestyle."
“By featuring a supposedly nonbinary child, Aveeno Kids has introduced a controversial marketing campaign they should have avoided. In fact, the focus of the commercial is gender dysphoria and not the product itself."
“Unfortunately, the initial victim of this disgusting commercial is the young boy cast in this ad, not to mention any child who views the commercial. The sexualization and moral corruption of these children are examples of child exploitation at its worst."
"No child should be introduced to the experience of mental disorders through a commercial.”

The organization goes so far as to claim nonbinary individuals do not exist and assert the concept of "gender fluidity" is unsubstantiated by science. They further accuse Aveeno Kids of glorifying gender dysphoria, which they refer to as "gender identity disorder" and argue this portrayal is harmful to young viewers and children featured in the ad.

One Million Moms—a.k.a. Monica Cole—is calling on their followers to sign yet another petition in response to this advertisement, urging Aveeno Kids to withdraw the commercial and cease what they see as the promotion of gender-related concepts to children.

Many mocked the group's actions.

OMM has made headlines for opposing efforts to recognize LGBTQ+ people's right to exist and better representation in media.

Last year, the organization had a meltdown over an ad by jewelry company Kay Jewelers that showed couples kissing, one of which is two men who have a small child.

In a statement, OMM denounced the ad for its "attempts to normalize sin," calling it "inappropriate on so many levels" and charging it was designed to "desensitize viewers."

The organization also lashed out at Men's Warehouse after it released an ad that showcases a diverse range of grooms—including one same-sex couple—in a bid to appeal to all customers.

One Million Moms urged supporters to sign a petition against Men’s Wearhouse, accusing the company of “attempting to normalize sin by featuring two gay men getting married” and promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda.