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Olympic Medalist Has Her Sport Mansplained To Her By Guy Who Actually Uses Her Training Method

Olympic Medalist Has Her Sport Mansplained To Her By Guy Who Actually Uses Her Training Method
ADEK BERRY / AFP / Getty Images

No matter famous or successful you are, there seems to be no chance of escaping someone trying to explain your own profession or area of expertise to you if you're a woman.

Olympian Molly Seidel shared her story of a man on her flight who mansplained her own running training to her.

Seidel's recent neighbor on a flight talked with her and got on the subject of running.

She shared she also runs, which is when the other passenger decided to immediately mansplain rather than ask any questions that might have avoided this embarrassing situation.

Seidel recently got the bronze during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic marathon. The event was surprisingly only her third attempt at a marathon.

Such a performance would likely be chalked up to her training. This is why many are studying her schedule.

When the other passenger told Seidel she needed to train high mileage, he pulled up an analysis he made of a professional runner's training schedule.

Little did he know, the professional runner he referenced was the one he was trying to explain it to.

Seidel's bronze medal win was incredibly surprising.

The Olympic qualifier in February was her first marathon and she came in second. At the 2020 Olympics themselves, she clocked just under two and a half hours on her third marathon, granting her third place.

Her skill and training are to be admired, but you'd think with how famous her story is in running, another runner would at least recognize her before embarrassing themselves.

But mansplaining isn't really about knowledge.

Or self awareness.

Seidel's tweet has tens of thousands of reactions. Women keep sharing their own stories of being mansplained.

Maybe we could start teaching men to ask questions rather than just immediately start talking over women like they've been waiting for a man to come along and explain everything to them.