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Guy's Out-Of-Control Starbucks Drink Order Is Getting Ripped To Shreds On Twitter

Guy's Out-Of-Control Starbucks Drink Order Is Getting Ripped To Shreds On Twitter
@ProjectJosiee / Twitter

We've all been in a coffee shop when we hear someone ahead of us in line make some out-there request for their drink. Maybe they ask for half a dozen extra pumps of syrup, or try to describe a special drink they heard of online.

Baristas have to put up with a lot.

So when Twitter user Josie (@ProjectJosiee) shared their own experience working for Starbucks, people online were aghast at the order he had to fulfill.

In a now deleted tweet, Josie quipped:

"On today's episode of why I wanna quit my job."

Their tweet was shared by many others online.

It included this image:

@ProjectJosiee / Twitter

The image shows a mobile order from 'Edward' that consists of a venti frappuccino with 13 separate customizations that range from a request to add heavy cream to 7 additional pumps of the dark caramel sauce.

The image went so viral, the name Edward was trending on Twitter.

Josie spoke with Buzzfeed about the incident and said this wasn't even the strangest request he's worked with. He claimed that honor goes to a hot americano with a palm's worth of customizations he didn't have time to photograph.

This is surprisingly unsurprising, as his original tweet brought out a lot of other baristas with their own examples.

Starbucks has long been known for the possible modifications to their standard drink order. There is a current TikTok trend where users try to make the most complicated drinks they can think of and see if the order works.

However, such extreme modifications are discouraged, especially during busy periods as a complicated order can back up other orders.

While the extra modifications can be charged extra, there are free drinks available as rewards through Starbucks' rewards program that are generally redeemed for the most expensive drink possible. And it's a little too common for people who receive one of these rewards to not tip their barista.

For those who aren't Starbucks workers, this kind of wild drink can be surprising.

Some people, like author Sam Sykes got very creative with what they think of Edward's drink.

@SamSykesSwears / Twitter

Meanwhile, others felt it was just a big cup of sugar.

Josie, the original tweeter, got a lot of attention from the photo. This led to some funny comments, but also blew up his notifications on Twitter.

He retweeted a lot of responses to the incident, and has commented on some of the other wild drink orders.

Overall, it's been an eventful week for the Starbucks barista.

So what have we learned today?

For starters, the number of modifications you can add onto one drink at Starbucks is truly incredible.

But we've also learned it's not the best idea in the world to do so. In addition to inconveniencing a worker for no reason, you might end up on Twitter as the person everyone bonds over disliking.