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Nicki Minaj Threatens To 'Slap The Sh*t' Out Of Reporter Who Leaked Her Surprise Met Gala Appearance

Nicki Minaj Threatens To 'Slap The Sh*t' Out Of Reporter Who Leaked Her Surprise Met Gala Appearance
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As always, last night's Met Gala was full of iconic red carpet moments. And after having skipped the event last year, rapper Nicki Minaj clearly wanted to make a splash.

But it wasn't just Minaj's instantly iconic gown that caught people's eye--the moment she chided a reporter who leaked the news of her surprise appearance got plenty of notice as well.

In an instantly viral moment, Minaj spotted the reporter in the press line and pointedly told him she was coming to "slap the sh*t out of' him as she made her way into the event.

See the interaction below.

Minaj, who has been a fixture at the Met Gala throughout her career, missed last year's in order to keep her infant son safe from COVID-19 (and because of some fairly strange ideas about the event's vaccine mandate). So this year's gala was her moment to truly make a splash.
As always, Minaj delivered a showstopper, walking in an intricate, all-black Burberry ensemble custom-made by the fashion house's Riccardo Tisci—and then turning even more head after spotting the reporter who leaked her news.

Stopping midway up the steps into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Minaj pointedly called the man out and put him firmly in place.

"Hey, you. Are you the man that leaked that I was gonna be here?
"Yes you. I'm about to come up to you and slap the sh*t out of you. Come here."

In longer video cuts of the interaction, Minaj was seen laughing at the end and seemed to be just joking around with the reporter, so thankfully no journalists were harmed in the making of this red carpet moment.

Regardless, that reporter will probably think twice about leaking Minaj news in the future.

On social media, Minaj's quick dispatching of the reporter had fans cheering and laughing.

Nobody knows how to make a splash quite like Nicki Minaj.