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Former Rugby Player Becomes Viral Sensation After Rescuing Sheep Trapped In Barbed Wire Fence

Former Rugby Player Becomes Viral Sensation After Rescuing Sheep Trapped In Barbed Wire Fence
Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins/Facebook

People on the internet are applauding—and thirsting—after a retired Australian rugby player after he saved a sheep trapped in a barbed wire fence.

Nick Cummins, who is also a reality television star in Australia and has appeared on the country's version of The Bachelor, discovered the sheep on the side of a road and quickly jumped out to free the poor fluffy guy.

See the video below.

It does indeed appear to be a hopeless scene at first.

Not only is the sheep's body caught halfway through the barbed-wire fence, but his horns are tangled in the wire as well.

But Cummins was quickly able to untangle the animal. Hooray!

But then how to get him over to the proper side of the fence? First, Cummins grasped the sheep in a way he said puts them in "sort of a hypnotized state" so the poor animal could calm down.

Then, after discussing with the woman who was filming it was too long a distance to carry the sheep along the fence, Cummins decided to heft the animal over it himself, using nothing but his muscle power.

In seconds the sheep was trotting off back to its sheep life, "baaing" as he went while Cummins gave him a salute and said, "You're welcome."

Cummins' video clip of his rescue instantly went viral among his large fanbase in Australia, where Cummins has been a ubiquitous presence for years as a pitchman in TV ads for everything from shampoo to underwear.

Of course, Cummins is far less known outside Australia, but his video soon went viral among the rest of the world anyway because of that all-important component to internet fame: thirst.

Cummins' chiseled body and brute strength had many people hot and bothered—especially once the video hit Twitter.

Leave it to the internet to make a wholesome sheep rescue into something sexy.