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New Worker Panics After Getting Trapped In Bathroom That Requires Key Card To Exit On His First Day

New Worker Panics After Getting Trapped In Bathroom That Requires Key Card To Exit On His First Day

Most offices are known for having "executive bathrooms"—exclusive bathrooms which are only available to the higher-ups in the company, and requiring a key or code to access.

But have you ever heard of a bathroom which requires permission to leave?

Absurd as it may sound, a TikToker named Jackson Ammons who uses the handle @onairjackson1 found himself in that very situation on his first day of his new job.

Ammons documented his adventures in a series of TikTok videos, the first of which received close to 200 thousand views.


Send help #fyp #foryou #newjob #tennessee

During the 15-second video, Ammons gave a tour of his new office bathroom, while also demonstrating how the door was locked and pointing out the adjacent keypad as he explained his predicament.

"So I got a new job."
"Don’t have security clearance yet.”
“It’s work-from-home on Friday."
"I’m in the bathroom and you need a keycard to get out."
"What type of bathroom do you need a keycard to get out of?"

With most of the employees working from home, it seemed Jackson was going to be stuck in the bathroom for an indeterminate amount of time.

Luckily, as demonstrated in a follow-up video, Ammons shared he wouldn't starve to death.


Replying to @amy_xxoo we’re finnneeeeeeeeee. I think

With a comment from a fellow TikToker pasted in the overlay in the upper corner joking "legend has it, he's still stuck in the bathroom", Ammons included a tongue in cheek response in a second overlay in the lower corner.

"Maybe. But Thankfully I thought ahead and packed pop tarts in case something like this happened."

Ammons could be seen calmly enjoying one of the pop tarts while sitting on the bathroom floor, waiting to be rescued.

After many TikTokers became increasingly worried Ammons could still be there to this very day, Ammons finally posted a second follow-up video.

Ammons shared how he found himself stuck in the bathroom and finally got out in the two-minute video.


Replying to @paisleypants pt2

Ammons explained he was taken to his new office for training by a colleague, who had the vital security clearance which had yet to be granted to Ammons.

As his training was nearing an end, Ammons told his colleague he was probably fine to finish on his own and encouraged him to head home for the weekend.

"We’re there, doing the training, we get to a point where I’m just downloading stuff on my computer, waiting for it to be done.”
“I don’t want to waste any more of his time."
"I tell him, ‘go ahead, get the hell outta here, I know where the door is. We’re good to go'."
"So he does."
"He leaves me there."
"That’s fine."
"It should’ve been fine."
"Everything should’ve been fine."
"But it was most certainly not."

Ammons then said he knew he could figure his way out, but just wanted to use the restroom before heading home.

While in the restroom, he noticed a key pad by the door, and he jokingly declared he was a "prisoner forever".

Ammons did note the bathroom did have a second exit door, but it was no help to him.

For, in a situation right out of Alice in Wonderland, the second door led to a larger room with several other doors, all of which required codes which Ammons did not have.

Eventually, Ammons texted his colleague who was training him and asked him for the code.

He explained he made the conscious decision not to text his new boss, as he "didn't want her to know she hired an idiot."

While Ammons did have to wait for a response from his colleague, he shared he managed to pass the time fairly peacefully.

"Yeah, we just sat in the bathroom."
"We waited."
"I downloaded Doodle Jump again."
"That was fun."
"Got Temple Run, amazing."
"Fruit Ninja, forgot that was even an app."
"And I did have my Pop-Tarts, thankfully, I had packed and not eaten yet, so I wasn’t going hungry.”

Ammons also noted he couldn't have found a better place to be locked in if he needed to do any "human business".

Eventually, Ammons did receive the code from his colleague, freeing him from the bathroom.

Ammons added his experience in no way dampened his excitement regarding his new job, though he admitted he would be a bit more on his guard upon returning to the office.

“I’m excited to go back to work, but I will never be going in that bathroom again."

TikTokers poked a bit of light fun at Ammons' predicament.







Others, however, didn't find this to be a laughing matter at all.

Several pointed out this could be a serious safety hazard, with others pointing out his colleague should not have left him alone without security clearance.






No one can deny Ammons will likely never have a first day quite like this one.

One also imagines he'll be going fairly light on coffee and water breaks.