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Doctor Explains Why You Need To Tell Your Anesthesiologist If You're A Natural Redhead In Eye-Opening TikTok

Doctor Explains Why You Need To Tell Your Anesthesiologist If You're A Natural Redhead In Eye-Opening TikTok

You truly do learn something new every day.

The users of TikTok are putting in the work to make sure we're all staying apprised of the most pertinent information.

A recent TikTok has peaked the interest of over one million viewers on TikTok after a doctor and a dentist both revealed why reporting if you have naturally red hair to your anesthesiologist is crucial before going under.

Suffice it to say, this little known fact left TikTokers shocked.


@Kunal Sood M.D. thank you for the super important information about red heads!! #fyp #doctor #dentist #dentaltok #redhead #share #viral #healthcare

The 24-second video posted by TikToker @niiidental has garnered the attention of over one million viewers, received 182,000 likes, and warranted over 1,000 comments on the TikTok, with many of the comments from fellow TikTokers being rather humorous in response to learning this new information.





Viewers of the TikTok received this brief, but informative lesson, from doctor Kunal Sood, known on the social media platform as @doctorsood, when he stitched together his video with a video created by TikToker @kaelagordon.

In the TikTok, @kaelagordon used a filter to see what she might look like with ginger locks.

The TikTok then cut to Dr. Sood who said:

"So if this not so shy girl ever required anesthesia, she should make sure to tell her anesthesiologist this is not her natural red hair color."
"This is because patients with naturally red hair require, on average, 20% more anesthesia."

The video then cut to a second TikToker who decided to stitch the video, Dr. Ben Kim (@niiidental) who responded to the TikTok by saying:

"Same thing with dentists—you need to let us know. Thanks."



While many made jokes about the realization, other comments left on the TikTok asserted the onus was entirely on the medical professional to prompt their patients about their natural hair color.

Given this fact was not well known, patients couldn't be held responsible for self-reporting that piece of information.





According to information shared by PBS, people with naturally red hair have a mutated MC1R gene that produces red hair, fair skin, and freckles.

There is reportedly some evidence that shows this gene is also present in the midbrain, where pain perception is regulated, impacting responses to pain and discomfort.

Knowledge really is power, isn't it?