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Mom Who Buys Her Kids Hundreds Of Christmas Presents Every Year Responds To Her Critics

This Morning with Phillip and Holly

When it comes to Christmas presents, can there be too much of a good thing? People are weighing in.

An English mum is getting some heat for buying her kids what some feel are too many presents. For a few years now, Amanda Tapping has been sharing with her 17,000 Instagram followers photos of her over-the-top present giving.

In all, Tapping says she spends around $2,500 on Christmas presents. She went on This Morning with Phillip and Holly.

Mother Defends Spending £2,000 on Christmas Presents for Her Children | This Morning

Tapping removed some of the photos and replaced them with messages to her critics.

Still, there was some video of the Christmas haul before it went under (er...over) the tree.

Even with some photos removed because of mean comments, Tapping posted a video of the unwrapping aftermath.

And she made it clear that she works for the money to buy presents.

There are still photos from Christmases past to give you an idea. Here is 2015:

And 2016:

Not only is Christmas big in her house, it's early. She posts these photos in November.

Imagine being a kid and waiting for a month with all those presents.

Some felt it was all about her need for attention.

Others felt she earned it so why not spend it?

Some thought maybe she should think about the future.

When is it too much?

There is always this solution.

It may not make for a good Instagram photo, but it gets the job done.