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Mom-To-Be Shows Off Her Strength With Bizarre Weightlifting 'Gender' Reveal In Viral Video

Mom-To-Be Shows Off Her Strength With Bizarre Weightlifting 'Gender' Reveal In Viral Video

A video of a pregnant woman participating in an impressive reveal of her baby's sex—popular among Crossfit trainers last year—found renewed interest on the internet.

The reveal involved individual packs of blue or pink powder attached to barbells. After being lifted and dropped, the packs smashed and revealed the baby's sex.

Last June, Instagram user @da_lov3d_on3 posted the video of herself lifting a set of barbells like a champ.

She wore a white mini-dress showing her baby bump for the stunt that took place in a public park as friends looked on in anticipation.

After successfully raising the barbells overhead, she dropped the weights and caused an explosion of bright pink-colored powder when it hit the asphalt.

The excited mother was embraced by her cheerful friends.

Those who missed the video the first time around expressed their enthusiasm for her superwoman strength.




The Bleacher Report reposted the video on their Twitter on Monday, making it a viral sensation.

Reactions were mixed.

Several people who expressed concern for the pregnancy.

A personal trainer/fitness director assured the mother-to-be executed the move with proper form.

Others believed the baby is going to be just fine.

Now that it's been a year, everyone concerned can rest assured the beautiful baby girl is healthy and thriving.

And mommy is still doing overhead presses.

One big happy family.

The deadlifting resumes.

When it comes to sex reveals, it seems there are no shortage of ideas.

But unless you're a trained Crossfit, Tough Mudders, Spartan Race, or a well-trained athlete, it might do your lower back some good to keep sex reveals limited to slicing a piece of cake.