Nothing can make a person move faster than the parental instincts that seem to kick in as soon as you've helped bring a baby into the world.

One mother found out just how quick she was able to move when her toddler wandered towards an unsafe balcony with no guard rail.

The entire incident was captured on video, which has gone viral on Twitter.

The clip shows a mother and her toddler exiting an elevator.

While the mother checks her phone for a moment, the toddler wanders towards a nearby railing, which he seems to believe is covered in protective glass. Before the mother can react, the child leans forward and is about to fall through the air.

Thankfully, just in the nick of time, the mother makes a superhuman lunge and manages to grab her child by the ankle, saving him from horrible injury.

Every parent watching the clip lost a year of their life to shock.

When a child is in danger, people come to help.

As talented as parents might be at saving children, the kids are just as good at getting themselves into trouble.

There was some argument online as to whether the mom was responsible for what happened.

But at the end of the day, the person making such a miraculous save deserves as much credit as she can get.

And she did it all without even dropping her phone!

The building will have to get their railing up to code ASAP.

Watch out for your kids, everyone!

Look away for a second and they're practically throwing themselves into the Grand Canyon!

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

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