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Guy Has Epic Tantrum During Road Rage Incident—But The Other Guy Ends Up Having The Last Laugh

Guy Has Epic Tantrum During Road Rage Incident—But The Other Guy Ends Up Having The Last Laugh

In these times of practically hourly public meltdowns by insane racists and science deniers of all stripes, a video of a recent road-rage incident took a refreshing turn into laughter.

It starts out like any other road-rage incident: a guy with entirely too much invested in the way other people drive has a meltdown, yells some threats, swears a bunch—the usual.

But then the guy he's yelling at kind of traps him into an inadvertent sexual come-on—and even the road-raging guy can't help but laugh about it.

WARNING: video contains NSFW language

The incident, which occurred in Missouri between a 20-year-old and a middle-aged man, started off anything but friendly, with the middle-aged man totally losing his cool.

Things escalate until he screams:

"I will beat your fu* kin' di*k into the ground all day long!"

To which the 20-year-old replies, without missing a, well, beat:

"That's kind of gay, isn't it?"

Which, you know, homophobia aside, turned out to be a pretty great set-up, because the older guy walked right into it, replying:

"I will beat your di*k--"

But he interrupts himself as he realizes what he's saying and chokes on his words as the two parties share a laugh.

It's basically the moment this GIF was made for.

joey lawrence GIFGiphy

Or it would be—a longer video of the altercation shows that the middle-aged man quickly recovered his rage.

Once he's done laughing, he goes right back to insulting the 20-year-old (along with the entire female gender).

"It's cute to laugh. That's what a girl does. You're horrifying."

But for a brief shining moment, it seemed like these two just might become unlikely best friends forever.

And on social media, people were here for the alternate ending.

And several people couldn't help but notice that our road rager looks uncannily like former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar.

That made the whole thing all the more hilarious.

Keep your eyes peeled during your next road-rage altercation—you never know where you'll find your new best friend.

Or Sammy Hagar.