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Mississippi's GOP Governor Slammed For Claiming Biden Is 'Pushing Children' Into Being Trans

ROGELIO V. SOLIS/POOL/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Mississippi's governor, Republican Tate Reeves, is being heavily criticized on Twitter after going on a bizarrely transphobic rant aimed at girls who compete in sports.

Even more strangely, Reeves seemed to claim that "pushing children" to become transgender was part of the Biden administration's agenda (a clear lie and misunderstanding of gender).

There wasn't a corner of the internet that couldn't find a problem with Reeves's analysis.

Many pointed out that the protections that Reeves had a problem with were the same ones that protect his daughters from discrimination.

There was also a clear political motivation for Reeves's transphobia.

Twitter users condemned Reeves in the harshest terms.

With this Twitter thread, Reeves has placed himself firmly on the side of discrimination and citizens nationwide are taking notice.