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Minnesota Children's Boutique Puts Drag Story Time Haters On Blast With Epic Viral TikToks

Little Roo's in Chaska, Minnesota, is putting homophobes on blast after several people came into the store to threaten them over their planned drag queen story hour.

split screenshot of protesters holding sign reading “drag queens are not for kids!” (L), and counter protester holding sign reading “hate has no home here” (R)

A boutique for children in Minnesota has received an overwhelming show of support after its owner began sharing TikTok videos about the negative reactions from opponents of its upcoming drag story time event.

The owner of Little Roos, Marissa Held-Nordling, recently posted a video on TikTok showing a woman berating employees at the Chaska, Minnesota store regarding the scheduled event on Saturday, July 8.

Posted on the boutique's TikTok account—@littleroosmn—you can see the video here:

The clip quickly went viral, accumulating over 11 million views and 800,000 likes on the social media platform.

In the video, the woman threatens to inform the police, city council, and enforce an ordinance against the event. She argues that hosting a drag story time for children is inappropriate adult entertainment.

Little Roos is known for hosting various free events for children during the summer, including story time sessions with local authors and princesses reading books.

The upcoming event will feature Miz Diagnosis, a drag queen from Chaska, who will be reading stories to the children.

Held-Nordling believes that including Miz Diagnosis is a positive way to represent the LGBTQ+ community in Chaska and showcase diversity in their business.

Unfortunately, the shop has faced opposition from a small, but obnoxious number of individuals.

Held-Nordling shared another video showing security footage of a woman entering Little Roos through an employee-only entrance and causing a disturbance.

The woman claimed Miz Diagnosis would share inappropriate content to the children attending the event.

Chaska Mayor Mark Windschitl refuted the woman's claim, stating that the drag story time event does not violate any city ordinances.

Local CBS News affiliate WCCO also confirmed that there are no restrictions in Chaska against drag performers reading to children.

You can watch the local news report about the protests outside of Little Roos here.

People from all over are joining in on supporting the children’s boutique.

“Love and acceptance with the help of supporting parents and their children wins over hate speech and proud boys once again.” - @davinci726

“The supporters, families, and children have really helped their thriving community grow once more. Hooray for Inclusivity, Diversity and Acceptance! 🏳️🌈 - @FDR-ww6xz

Hate will lose❤️ - @caseyconnell9336

“Good to see people coming out to support the Queer Community and allies we must smash hate!!” - @Sci566

“Proud of the suppoert for the LGBTQ community sharing their message of love. Sorry proud boys you dont decixe whats appropriate nor do you know what even goes on at one” - @SuperDLAW2010






Despite the opposition, the controversy has sparked an outpouring of support for Little Roos. Held-Nordling expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and support received from neighbors and the wider community in Chaska.

Due to the anticipated large turnout at the event, the shop is planning outdoor activities for those who are unable to enter the store.