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'This Is Us' Star Says His Shorts Are 'Normal Length' After Viral Photos Sparked Rampant Thirst

'This Is Us' Star Says His Shorts Are 'Normal Length' After Viral Photos Sparked Rampant Thirst
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It's not just the ladies who wear short shorts as suggested in a jingle from that old Nair commercial.

Men are showing their legs, and in 2021, why should that be a problem?

Early last month, This Is Us star, Milo Ventimiglia—who plays the loving father, Jack Pearson—was spotted after a workout in West Hollywood, California, baring his biceps in a T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and his muscled thighs in a pair of black shorts.

Need help envisioning him?

We got you covered.

The paparazzi pic had the internet drooling over his attire, but don't call him a sex symbol. The reaction is not something the modest actor is ever going for.

In fact, in a 2017 interview on Radio Andy's Bevelations, Ventimiglia downplayed the adoration and said:

"I think what I try and do is try and represent what men could be—which is kind, which is giving, which is not a pushover. Just be a strong man. Be a good man."

While on Monday's The Talk, the 43-year-old actor—who is also known for his work on Gilmore Girls and Heroes—said of the much buzzed about photo:

"I swear to God, this is just a guy leaving the gym. I wasn't even thinking about it."
"The shorts are normal length, but when I work out, I kinda pull them up just so I can work a little harder."

You can watch The Talk's interview with Ventimiglia, here:

The post-workout photo was not a one-time occurrence. He was seen flashing his legs on another occasion, this time in camouflage-print shorts and topped in a green-army baseball cap.

One user commented, "Another day saved by Milo Ventimiglia's short shorts."

According to Huffington Post, the photos coincided with the viral hashtag #5InchSeam on TikTok and Men's Health's response to the shorts craze, "The summer of 2021 will be all about guys showing some leg."

It appears Ventimiglia eventually gave in to the sizzling trend on May 6 and posted a picture of his ASRV Sportswear shorts.

He encouraged people to "Ride em high kids."

In response to the ribbing from fellow gym goers for all the attention on his shorts, the Heroes alum played it cool and said:

"Whatever anybody got excited about, or GQ calling it 'short shorts summer,' I'm excited about. Whatever people want to do, that's cool."

And with that, it looks like summer 2021 is about to get even hotter.