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Millionaire Whines About Fees After Taking Uber From NYC To Philly—And Everyone's Making The Same Point

Tech bro Martin Varsavsky paid over $140 in fees in an Uber from Manhattan to Philadelphia.

Millionaire Whines About Fees After Taking Uber From NYC To Philly—And Everyone's Making The Same Point
@martinvars/Twitter; Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It's easy to empathize with people when they complain about service fees tacked onto the pricing of a variety of products and services, especially where the custom of tipping is already expected.

For many individuals who are struggling to get by on low wages but occasionally indulge in conveniences, like buying tickets on Ticketmaster or ordering food through Doordash, hidden fees are an unwelcome surprise.

But when a tech company millionaire whined about fees after taking an Uber, social media users weren't surprised about Uber's shady charging practices.

Martín Varsavsky is a "serial" entrepreneur who founded several companies worldwide, including Urban Capital, Medicorp Sciences, and Goggo Network.

When he decided to skip riding on the train in favor of taking an Uber from Manhattan to Philadelphia, he complained about the $140 fee in “various tolls and taxes.”

He went on Twitter and grumbled:

"I just took an Uber from Manhattan to Philadelphia. In one hour and 45 minutes different governments charged me $140 in various tolls and taxes."

He posted a screenshot of his receipt as proof of his inconvenience.


Some people initially gave a collective eye roll over a petty grievance that affects everyone.

He defended himself with a series of follow-up tweets, explaining that he wanted more privacy so he can make Zoom calls.

However, the reactions became less antagonizing when he shared the total of his ride cost.

Varsakvsky also said he received a partial refund after he made a complaint about the route the Uber driver chose.

Some pointed out that Uber tends to overcharge or tack on questionable surcharges, which could've been avoided had he taken a different mode of public transport.

What the tech millionaire didn't realize is that Uber is known to double charge for every toll that is taken to cover for the Uber driver's trip back.

The Daily Dot did note that the $35 "Out of Town" charge was solely meant for the company and doesn't go into the pocket of the driver.

The media outlet also pointed out that the "NY State Black Car Fund" added to the list of surcharges exists to help pay for worker's compensation.

Uber employees are considered “independent contractors" so the company can avoid having to provide fair wages and health benefits for drivers.

Convenience comes at a cost, but not everyone can afford them, unlike Varsavsky.

Perhaps a private jet would be the better option for this venture capitalist next time.