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Group Of Ohio Eighth Grade Boys Charged For Allegedly Giving Teachers Crepes Tainted With Bodily Fluids

Group Of Ohio Eighth Grade Boys Charged For Allegedly Giving Teachers Crepes Tainted With Bodily Fluids
anatoliy_gleb/Getty Images

In Powell, Ohio, seven boys aged 14-15 are facing charges in juvenile court after allegedly serving their teachers crepes filled with their bodily fluids.

The alleged incident occurred on May 16 but charges have only just been filed by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office after a thorough investigation which included sending the crepes for testing.

Brad Koffel, an attorney for four of the boys, all of whom attend Olentangy Hyatts Middle School, claims his young clients were influenced by internet culture, saying:

"I believe this is a form of 'YouTube Flu' where kids are influenced by dumb pranks they see YouTube 'celebrities' do – it is a game of getting views, clicks and likes."

Students at Olentangy Hyatts middle accused of giving teachers food containing bodily

Detective Jaison Kridler believes two groups of boys made the plan to "prank" their teachers days in advance. One group of four boys even went so far as to bring a bag of semen into school, which they sprinkled over a crepe during a crepe-making activity in class.

After allegedly tainting the crepe (while a student blocked the scene from view of the teacher), they served the concoction to the instructor, who ate it.

One boy is also being charged with destruction of evidence (a class three felony) for allegedly deleting text messages and photos connecting them to the incident.

The remaining three boys are charged with serving four teachers BBQ sauce mixed with their urine. Once again, the urine was brought in from outside school, mixed with chicken, and served to the teachers.

Three of the boys are being charged with the class five felony "assault on a teacher," while the other four are being charged with "complicity to assault a teacher" (also a class five felony).

Though Koffel said the boys would face consequences for their actions, he emphasized the punishment would be age-appropriate.

"They are not adults and they are not going to be punished like adults."


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