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Conservatives And Liberals Alike Were Outraged By Michelle Wolf's Jokes--But Others Are Backing Her Up


Michelle Wolf of The Daily Show hosted the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner on Saturday, an event which honors the press and the right to free speech. Often referred to as "nerd prom," the WHCD usually involves roasting politicians and members of the press. Wolf's jabs at President Donald Trump and his staff were deep, and reactions have been mixed.

For the second consecutive year, Trump skipped the event, which critics say is a sign of his thin skin and inability to laugh at himself... the president certainly excels at lobbing insults at his adversaries on Twitter.

When Wolf harshly roasted Trump and his staff, however, conservatives and even some liberals think the comedian went too far.

Her digs cut pretty deeply, and some people weren't happy about it. Some people said that Wolf's remarks "played right into Trump's hands," and that CNN "should be ashamed for airing the vulgar, raunchy and curse ladened "performance" at the White House Correspondence Dinner."

Others, however, thought Wolf's jokes were entirely appropriate, considering some of the vitriolic rhetoric that comes directly from our Commander In Chief.

The irony of Trump supporters, who claim to hate political correctness, getting upset over disparaging jokes about Trump wasn't lost.

Others, however, noted that Wolf's entire point was that none of today's nasty political discourse is normal.


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