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Megan Rapinoe Eviscerates NBA Star Who Criticized Female Athletes 'Complaining' About Pay Gap

Megan Rapinoe Eviscerates NBA Star Who Criticized Female Athletes 'Complaining' About Pay Gap
Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Texas Conference for Women 2019; Bob Levey/Getty Images

United States Soccer Women's National Team co-Captain Megan Rapinoe recently called out NBA star Draymond Green for his tweets regarding the pay gap between men and women sports players.

This isn't the first time Green has been under fire for talking about gender inequities.

The beginning of the back and fourth between Rapinoe and Green started with a series of tweets back in March.

Many women and athletes spoke out against these tweets in the comments and in retweets.

Most prominently was Megan Rapinoe.

Rapinoe called out the privilege Green holds as a man in sports.

She cited he could have used his privilege to amplify their demands to the people that hold the power to make changes.

After her popular Twitter thread, Rapinoe had another chance to speak on Green's 'uneducated' take in an interview at the Team USA media event last Wednesday.

Rapinoe said:

"It's really unfortunate that in the position he's in, having all the resources that he has and the ability to have a much more educated opinion, that he just hasn't."
"Really frustrating. Obviously, he just kind of showed his whole *ss in not understanding what we talk about the whole time."

She continued by encouraging him to look at the broader social issues that women face.

Rapinoe continued:

"When we talk about equality in women's sports, we always talk first about investment, and funding, and resources, and marketing, and branding."
"And investing in not just the players but the support staff, and coaching, and media, TV media, print media, all of it."

Rapinoe ended by reiterating her final tweet that women's sports needs allies who are not suffering under the same oppressive disparages, just like every other social issue.

In a Sports Illustrated interview, Staff Writer Wilton Jackson weighed in on Draymond Green's tweets and supported Rapinoe:

I was brought up with the advice given that if you don't have anything valid to say then you shouldn't really say anything at all.
And when I think of Draymond's arguments it makes you wonder has he been hiding in a dark basement over the last couple years or not watching what's been going on in the world.

Jackson continued:

"It's going to take pushing the envelope, like you know some people did for the NCAA tournament."
"And to get other women get other people to see that women are definitely aa valuable as athletes as men are."

This is not the first time that Megan Rapinoe has spoken out on inequities. She's made her voice loud and clear anti-trans bills that target trans girls and women in sports.

Rapinoe is definitely not afraid to clap back at others such as Piers Morgan and those criticizing her and her team's celebrations.

All eyes will be on Megan Rapinoe to see what she does next.