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'New Girl' Star Max Greenfield Is Getting Constantly Roasted By His Daughter For His Attempts At Homeschooling

'New Girl' Star Max Greenfield Is Getting Constantly Roasted By His Daughter For His Attempts At Homeschooling
Max Greenfield / Instagram

Schmidt, Max Greenfield's character on New Girl, has been described as "everyone's favorite lovable douchebag".

He's a little bougie, but has a genuinely good heart and a self deprecating sense of humor that makes him pretty relatable.

That humor is apparently something actor Max has in common with his TV character.

Now Max has invited the world to laugh along with his failure as he is repeatedly destroyed at the hands of his new nemesis—his daughter Lilly and her homeschool classes.

Y'all it is so nice knowing I am not the only one who is getting proverbially punched in the face by homeschool life. Truly these videos are a chronicle of a man, a mission and a miniature mastermind of snark.

Oh, and a sweet sweet quarantine 'stache.

Things start out so hopeful. Max curls up to read Lilly's reading assignment to her.

He really did try to give it a serious go, but The Birchbark House can be a tough read full of tough words and... well ...

This screenshot says so much...


That's okay though.

Ever hopeful, Max soldiered on—and we love him for it. We cheered for him.

You're good. It's still early in the game and everybody is just trying to figure it out.

Gotta roll with the punches. Gotta bob and weave.

You got this. You got this!

Max did not, in fact, have this.

Maybe math would go better?

(Spoiler Alert: Math did not go better.)

Before long, Max was gaining a whole new appreciation for what teachers deal with and for how difficult it is to ask a kid to sit still all day long. Also getting exposure to a world of dance moves courtesy of Lilly.

Everyone's learning now!

Maybe learning a bit too much about one another, though?

We don't know if Max intended to create his perfect nemesis in raising Lilly, but ain't that always how it goes? You give 'em life, raise 'em well, and they just roast you into oblivion repeatedly.

Truly, Lilly is the comedy queen we all need right now.

So if you've been faceplanting your way through homeschool, literally or figuratively, know you're not the only one. Celebs are out here getting their rear ends handed to them by their kids, too.

Oh, and if you totally blew it one morning because you were up late on a Tiger King binge, you're not alone there either.

You got this. We believe in you.

And if you need to feel less alone as a parent who maybe should never, ever, be a teacher, Max's Instagram is here to help.

New Girl, the first season, is available here.