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Author Matt Haig Offers Tips For Surviving Christmas Anxiety on Twitter

Author Matt Haig Offers Tips For Surviving Christmas Anxiety on Twitter

To alleviate the anxiety of Christmas, author Matt Haig took to Twitter to share tips on avoiding the sense of being overwhelmed by the holiday rush.

Christmas is not always the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. Obligatory family get-togethers, snow storms, and braving hordes of frantic shoppers at a mall in search of the perfect bargain are only a fraction of stressful scenarios that can leave those suffering from high anxiety drowning in the chaos.

Haig's yuletide survival guide is just a reminder that all can still be calm and bright.

He was given praise for the friendly survival guide.

The British author for adults and children also reminds people that this time of year can be especially difficult with those battling with depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, "An estimated 44 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders."

Anxiety disorders are as real as physical, medical conditions, and the feelings of irrational dread can overwhelm many people during the holidays. It can be difficult to comprehend; but for those who don't know what it's like to suffer from despair, stating that people should "stop being so serious" is maybe not the best way to remedy the situation.

No offence mate, I realise that it can be a funny time for some people, I’ve had some funny christmases myself, but this is a time to reflect, [sic] thibknof any good times in the past, remember the departed. And to eat drink and be merry, stop being so serious!!

Haig responded to the offhand comment by saying:

I love Christmas. But 'Stop being so serious' is not the best advice for people having a hard time. Especially when the bad time is at Christmas where people feel a pressure to be jolly.

One of the comments in response to Haig's list also stressed the importance of reaching out to people who are struggling to stay buoyant.

While you're making Christmas eve plans, remember that the holiday season can be a terrible time for people with depression and anxiety. If anyone you know is dealing with mental health and is alone tonight, reach out and make sure they know they're loved.

In the spirit of giving, one commenter doled out lifelines.

Others shared what keeps them at peace.

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