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Married Couple's Intense 'Boundaries' For Each Other While Attending College Has TikTok Stunned

Married Couple's Intense 'Boundaries' For Each Other While Attending College Has TikTok Stunned

The strict rules between a conservative religious married couple while going to college are baffling non-Christian internet users.

It is not uncommon for devout Christians, particularly those on the political right, to be fearful of infidelity.

But a video in which a stay-at-home wife outlined very particular rules intended to protect her marriage has gone viral.

In the clip, a TikToker named Jojo explained the so-called "boundaries" she and her husband Tucker abide by in their marriage.

For example, she said:

“Here are some boundaries my husband and I have in our marriage as a married couple still in college."
"Rule number one is we’re not allowed to sit beside the opposite sex in any of our classes.”

You can watch the video here.


boundaries in our marriage while we’re still in college!!! #wifelife #libertyuniversity

Jojo continued:

“Rule number two is, on discussion boards, you are only allowed to reply to the same sex."

And when a situation arose involving her husband that challenged rule number two, Jojo spoke up.

"Last night, Tucker saw this really good discussion board by a girl named Riley and I was just like ‘I don’t really feel comfortable with that,’ so, yeah, he didn’t respond to her.”
“Rule number three — this one’s kind of hard to stick to, but we try our very best to only have professors of the same gender as us."
"I do have one male psychology professor but Tucker usually sits in on that class with me.”
"Finally at the beginning of every semester during the introductions, we both are sure to mention that we're married so that, you know, no one tries to cross any boundaries."

Non-Christian TikTokers flabbergasted by the video weighed in with their thoughts.




The conversation was alive on Twitter as well, with many suspicious about the authenticity of the video.

Many speculated the video was entirely satire or, at the very least, greatly exaggerated.

She was just kidding, right? What do you think?