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WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Attempts Guiding Us Through Boston Slang

WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Attempts Guiding Us Through Boston Slang

Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg is here to you calm your liver by helping you understand some Boston slang in a tutorial featured in Vanity Fair.

Have you ever been called a "Townie?" If not, then chances are you're not from Massachusettes. The slang locals deploy in their everyday verbiage can seem like a different language, and that's assuming you were able to comprehend what Bostonians are saying with their distinct, blue-collar-tinged accent.


Some of Hollywood's popular movies take place in Beantown. The Town, Mystic River, The Departed, and other critically-acclaimed Oscar contenders mostly feature central characters with an affinity for downing some cold brew and are down-on-their-luck, blue-collar types trying to support their family against all the odds. We root for them. But getting past their robust Boston accent and slang can be a challenge, amirite?

The Patriots Day actor is here for us!

With an iPad as his power point, Wahlberg defines some select terms. "Hoodsie - Now a hoodsie is a coupe of things. A hoodsie could be a little ice cream that you use the top to scoop. Hoodsie is also used to refer to a young lady." He used the word in a sentence as an example, albeit a little under his breath. "Hoodsie. We had a whole crew of hoodsies, nice girls."

Masshole, I never liked that term, Masshole. There's a lot of really nice people in Massachusettes. There's some very affluent people, blue-blood, well-educated people. They deserve that term more because they frown upon people from the wrong side of the tracks and they don't let me in their golf clubs 'cause they think I broke their window and stole their golf clubs when I was younger. Probably right.

Assuming it was understood nationwide, he explained what "jimmies" are. "That's universal, isn't it? Jimmies, condoms? 'The The J, the I, the M, the I

The E, the S, the Y, the S, The Y is Jimmy,' it's the rap song!" He didn't nail the rap, but we still got the idea.

He continues rattling off other slang terminology like "pissa," "Nor'easter," and "dunkees." Even though these are some of the basics, you should already be off to a wicked start.

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