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MTG Tweets 'Defund The FBI' After Trump Mar-A-Lago Raid–And It Backfired Hard

MTG Tweets 'Defund The FBI' After Trump Mar-A-Lago Raid–And It Backfired Hard
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Republicans have made support for law enforcement a hallmark of their platform for decades.

But since the rise of former Republican President Donald Trump, who described himself in 2016 as "the law and order candidate," zealous boosterism of the police state has become nothing short of a Republican obsession.

Until now, it seems.

Because after news dropped that the FBI forcibly searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago Florida estate yesterday, the Party that routinely smears Democrats and left-wing activists as violently anti-police seems to have completely lost their love for "law and order."

Leading the charge is far-right ideologue and Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who took a page out of leftists' book and tweeted "Defund the FBI" in protest of law and order being imposed upon "the law and order candidate" himself.

Republicans are nothing if not consistently inconsistent, as Twitter quickly reminded MTG.

The search at Trump's property is reportedly related to materials he took from the White House, many of which are believed to be classified, and which were previously searched earlier this year.

Democratic President Joe Biden was reportedly not notified of the search, and the FBI would have had to sufficiently convince a federal judge that there was evidence of a likely crime on Trump's part in order to obtain the necessary search warrant.

Oh--and also, the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray is a lifelong Republican who was appointed by Trump in 2017.


Nevertheless, Republicans, including Trump himself, have smeared the raid as political persecution and a Democratic hit job.

Trump called the search "the weaponization of the justice system and an attack by radical left Democrats," while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said it stemmed from an "intolerable state of weaponized politicization."

Greene, as always, took the melodrama to a new level, naturally calling the raid "communist" and invoking the notion of civil war.

Greene has until yesterday been one of the most vocal and vociferous defenders of law enforcement and has repeatedly decried leftists' calls to "defund the police" amid near-constant police violence against people of color.

And Republicans in general have made "Back the Blue" an article of faith, campaigning vigorously in recent years on their endorsements from police unions and other law enforcement organizations.

What a difference a day makes, huh?

On Twitter, people found Greene's takes on the matter ridiculous and hypocritical to the point of parody.

On the bright side, maybe this same willingness to completely 180 on their stances will inspire Republicans to enact prison reform once Trump is occupying one. We can only dream.