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Marco Rubio Posted A Seemingly Unfinished Tweet—So Twitter Brutally Finished It For Him

Graeme Jennings-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida posted a cliffhanger of a tweet about the media and the Democratic party that left many scratching their heads.

On Friday, Rubio—who called former President Donald Trump a "con artist" during the Republican presidential primaries but later became a sycophant like many members of the GOP—posted an unfinished tweet.

So Twitter decided to help out the Florida Republican by finishing it for him.

In his now-deleted post, Rubio wrote:

"I wonder why the national media & congressional Democrats aren't"


The Huffington Post posited Rubio wanted to continue addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict from an earlier tweet.

However, his intentions were unclear with his incomplete thought.

To prevent further confusion, social media users filled in the blanks.

Others had questions.

Rubio recently objected to the bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly Capital insurrection on January 6.

He called the independent commission a "partisan joke."