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Man's Viral Twitter Thread Explains The Unspoken Damages The Patriarchy Causes Men


Young people are opening up about issues that affect both men and women.

They are also discussing how the patriarchy and its strictly defined binary gender roles causes harm to those who identify as either male or female.

It started with a tweet by Brent Conner pointing out that boys often suffer with the same issues that girls do. But when popular culture shows these issues in young people, they portray them as a product of overly emotional girls or feminine weakness.

Conner's tweet went viral with many agreeing, but it was when Twitter user @absurdistwords expanded and clarified the topic that things got really interesting.

He went on to expand of this thought in a thread.

People were here for it.

When social media fulfills its purpose of communicating ideas and broadening the discussion, it is truly a beautiful thing.

Bored Panda, Indy100