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Oregon Man Launches Into Tirade Against Lesbian Couple Who Were Simply Looking For The Owner Of A Lost Dog

Wendy Blitz Dragoon (Facebook)

Wendy and Trudy Dragoon were scouring their Portland, Oregon, neighborhood searching for the owner of a lost dog when a man suddenly attacked the couple with homophobic slurs and physical threats. Wendy caught most of the interaction on camera.

Wendy later clarified what led up to the hostile interaction with another Facebook post.

Wendy's post reads:

"Since everyone is so confused as to what happened BEFORE the video, I wrote a story.

Once upon a time in a mythical land far, far away called Portland a dyke found a pupper and zoom zoomed home to tell their wife to post pics of the pup on FB. After an hour long eternity of not finding the owners the dykes very smart wife shouted "LET'S SEE IF MR. PUPPER MAN CAN TAKE US TO HIS HOME!" So sweety pants dykey poo and their incredibly brilliant, and startlingly beautiful, femme wife put pupperooni on a leash and went for a walk. Suddely, they arrived at an intersection. The doggo wanted to proceed forward. Dykester and Femmebot looked left. Then looked right. A truck was approaching but it was far away and not menacing so they stepped once. Then twice. They kept stepping forward until they were in the middle of the intersection. Suddenly, the truck got very loud and very fast and sped towards them! Dykerooni and Femmykins jumped on the curb and yelled "what the fuck, dude?!?" Their language was awful but they were fearful and shocked. Floppy haired blonde boy, who was no prince at all, yelled "get out of the road you fucking dykes!" Out of nowhere, the truck u-turned and came to a halt. Next, would be surfer boy jumped out of the vehicle and lunged toward dyke pants Mcgoo and yelled "I'll beat the fuck out of these dykes!" He retreated when he realized his words of anger and shame did not make dykster recoil, but instead made them stronger! Suddenly, femmly poppins was like "oh shit! If he hits my wife, I should probably have evidence!" and hit record.

And the rest is history.

The End"

People are rallying behind the couple to show their support.

The worst part? A local police officer saw the incident but didn't take a report, said local news source, KATU. The Dragoons shared their concern for their safety in Wendy's Facebook post, saying that, "[They] live around the corner. It will take them no time to figure out which house is ours so I guess we wait until we are physically assaulted before we can get help."

Twitter agrees this is unacceptable and is calling the Portland Police to action.

The incident inspired the community to track down the neighbor's home and "decorate the street outside with chalk rainbows, hearts, and positive messages," according to The Portland Mercury.

Wendy and Trudy have been exemplary in their love and compassion surrounding the incident. And the original pup they were trying to return home? Its owners drove past after the incident and they were reunited.

H/T: Huffpost,

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