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Man Offers To Paddle Other Parents' Kids In Viral Facebook Post—And Ignites A Debate

Man Offers To Paddle Other Parents' Kids In Viral Facebook Post—And Ignites A Debate
Dwayne A. Stamper Sr. (Facebook)

Dwayne A. Stamper Sr. set up a stand outside of his home with a paddle in his hand and offered to "whoop" kids.

Muncie, Indiana native, Dwayne A. Stamper Sr., set up his own type of lemonade stand. Instead of selling lemonade, however, he is giving away "free a** whoopin's".

Stamper posted a photo of his "business" on Facebook.

" Parents, your kids need a whoopin? Summer can't end fast enough? Stop by, I'm set up! No kids over 13.... They may whoop me "

Mr. Stamper apparently made the post after witnessing a disobedient child with his mother. Stamper said,

"I was at a restaurant and a boy about five or six-years-old and carrying a blanket, wouldn't stop crying because he couldn't have a piece of gum. Finally, I said to the mother, 'Would you like me to take care of that for you?' but she told me it wouldn't work. The grandmother also said the kid was spoiled. A few minutes later, the boy was still crying and I told his mother, 'Lady if you bust that a**, he will be quiet. I got whoopings when I was growing up and I learned how to be quiet.'"

His post has since gone viral with nearly 180K shares, and with it he has reignited the age-old debate of corporal punishment.

Some agree that some sort of physical punishment encourages good behavior.

However, others feel that corporal punishment leads down a dangerous path.

After receiving heat in his comments section, Stamper clarified his stance.

"Let's be clear.... Whoopins aren't always the answer! I believe a child needs to be taught early about discipline, meaning if u tell a child no and they still wanna grab the flower pot, tell em no again. If the child still reaches for the pot they are seeing/testing u on what no means. If the child grabs it again, say "No" (Change your voice to mean it) and pull their hand away! If he/she reaches for it then a tap on the bottom with the stern voice will get their attention! The next time maybe the voice will fix it but if not another whoopin followed by now u sit down 5 minutes! (Or whatever u use) Whoopings, wacks, busting that ass "Is not a first go to method!" Some took my post as I beat kids lol. No, I correct kids and if u bring your child to my house and he/she doesn't listen to you.. I will tell them just as I would my own. Not every child needs a whoopin and growing up my boys had a few but I don't think my Daughter ever had one. As a toddler lil bottom whoopin but never a whoopin whoopin! I've received many messages telling me how I'm a perfect fit for Trump! Trump's fault I whooped my kids but not my parents, grandparents or even the school teachers or principals that whooped me! My best advice is, don't let the courts teach them, you teach them!"

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