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The Crowd Goes Wild As Male Missouri Teen Is Crowned Homecoming Queen In School First

The Crowd Goes Wild As Male Missouri Teen Is Crowned Homecoming Queen In School First

A viral TikTok showed the first boy to ever be crowned Homecoming Queen at a Missouri high school.

Zachary Willmore, a student from Rock Bridge High School, shared a clip of the moment it was announced he had won.

The video reached 699.5 thousand likes and 3.2 million views.

Willmore (@zachwillmore) has over one million followers on the platform and is known for his fashionable and gender bending looks.

One video showed his homecoming outfit, a floor-length, gold sequin gown with 1.9 million views.


This is the outfit for when they announce the homecoming winner😌 #fyp #viral #gay #lgbt #xyzbca

Another was of him and his friends getting ready for the ceremony to begin.


Found my date #fyp #gay #homecoming

Willmore said:

"We're having a blast."
"In front of all these people... it's scary as hell!"

When they finally heard the results, the crowd went absolutely wild.


Reply to @poopacus thank you guys so much for all the support I’ve received I can’t explain how happy I am tonight💕 #fyp #queen #homecoming #gay #viral #lgbt

Willmore's fellow cheer team members rushed onto the field to embrace him.

He's been praised and congratulated in the comments on TikTok.







Not everyone was as excited about his win, but there were plenty of people there to defend him.



Willmore told KOMU 8 News:

"It was literally like a dream."
"It was just really special to me."

He left it up to his followers to decide if he should run for homecoming "queen" or "royalty."

"They thought queen could look prettier on the sash."
"So I chose queen."

Because of Willmore's large platform, he's been challenging and working with the school to create a more up-to-date dress code.


#duet with @zachwillmore for anyone new I changed the dress code at my school:) #fyp #dance #gay #viral

Before the changes, he said he used to feel targeted:

"Teachers were allowed to make the call of what was appropriate."
"Many times I did feel like they could target students, and I did feel targeted in some scenarios."

Columbia Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Baumstark told KOMU 8:

"Zachary Willmore is a wonderful student."
"He's engaged in school, active in activities, including cheer, and is not afraid to ask questions and identify challenges he sees around him."
"[Willmore] has challenged the dress code over his time at Rock Bridge and is working with the school to develop a more up-to-date dress code."

We are definitely congratulating this well deserving Homecoming Queen.