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'Wonder Woman' Star Lynda Carter Defends Trans People Amid JK Rowling Backlash With Powerful Tweet

'Wonder Woman' Star Lynda Carter Defends Trans People Amid JK Rowling Backlash With Powerful Tweet
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Lynda Carter, known for her iconic role as Wonder Woman in the 1970s, took to Twitter to show her support of the transgender community while J.K. Rowling continues to spout her transphobic views disguised as feminism.

Carter tweeted on Tuesday:

"You don't have to be trans to understand the importance of respecting trans people and affirming their identities."
"Life is just too short."
"I can't imagine how it makes any sense to use one's fame and resources to put others down."

Though Carter didn't say her name, many speculated it was subtweeting Rowling who has used her platform to spew hate towards transgender women.

On December 12, the Harry Potter author tweeted an article about Scottish police reporting crimes as being committed by women if the assailant identified as a woman.

Rowling shared The Times article with the caption:

“War is Peace."
"Freedom is Slavery."
"Ignorance is Strength."
"The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman."

To set the record straight, one in every two transgender people are sexually assaulted or abused in their lifetime. That's 50%.

Other studies have shown that 15% of trans individuals have experienced sexual abuse by police while in their custody and the number more than doubles with Black trans individuals. Disclosure of transgender status to police at the time of arrest is not a matter of leverage over a survivor like Rowling implied, it's actually increasing the risk of further violence.

As disturbing and disappointing as it is for many to see one of their favorite authors tearing down her own fans, Wonder Woman is saving the day for many.

There is no doubt in anyone's minds Lynda Carter is a real life super hero.