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Lush Cosmetics Worker Stunned After Customer Takes Bite Out Of Sample Not Realizing It's Soap

Lush Cosmetics Worker Stunned After Customer Takes Bite Out Of Sample Not Realizing It's Soap

People are cracking up at a new viral video showing a TikToker mistakenly biting into a hunk of soap thinking it was a sample of food.

The video, from TikToker Jackie Gansky, was filmed a Lush Cosmetics store in a mall during a shopping trip Gansky was on with a friend.

An employee, who also appears in the video, was giving out soap samples to passersby, which—oops--Gansky confused for a tasty treat—and his reaction is priceless.

See the video below.


I just wanted a sample😂 lush is soap btw

In the video, Gansky was seen approaching the soap display like any other customer and asking the employee "Can I try some?"

But to Gansky the soap chunks seemed to have looked more like a delicious treat than a beauty treatment. She immediately raised it to her mouth and took a healthy bite.

The employee's response had people in hysterics.

After immediately trying to stop Gansky by saying "No-no-no it's soap!" he then froze in wide-eyed horror, hands to his mouth, as Gansky and her friend began to laugh. Gansky then spit the soap out while the employee cackled and got her a paper bag to discard it in.

The video has gone viral on TikTok, racking up more than 18 million views since being uploaded last week.

To be fair, a lot of things at Lush do resemble food--and some of its products are even shaped like the foods they're meant to smell like. But as several other TikTokers pointed out in the comments, one unavoidable question remains.

Why would a soap or cosmetics shop be giving out food? Gansky has yet to come up with an answer, but she's at least given tons of people a hearty laugh.

Her fellow TikTokers found the moment hysterical.











According to one commenter, Gansky isn't alone in her mistake.
Apparently people accidentally eat things at Lush all the time.
Be careful out there, shoppers.