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Lupita Nyong'o Just Made A Genius Comparison Between 'Game Of Thrones' And 'Us' That Is Spot On

Like so many of us, Lupita Nyong'o must have been watching Game of Thrones on Sunday as the army of the dead marched on Winterfell to snuff out the world of the living.

Unlike most of us, however, the actress had very interesting insight into the White Walkers which she shared on Twitter.

In her mind, the White Walkers and the Tethered from her movie Us seemed to walk hand-in-hand.

Nyong'o provided lots of similarities between the two ominous figures.

Perhaps most importantly, they could both be eating a little better!

Nyong'o pointed out some differences as well!

The comparison wasn't perfect, but the actress certainly made some good points.

Twitter immediately backed up Lupita's points.

Drawing on her experience as one of the Tethered, Nyong'o even gave us a tantalizing hint at how she thought Game of Thrones might end:

Fans online were ready to mash-up the two uber-popular stories.

Though no one was expecting the White Walkers to be the new Tethered, the pair actually fit together rather nicely.

The biggest thing they have in common? I wouldn't want to find myself in a locked room with either of them in a million years.