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Little Girl Gets Bullied For Her Hair—But The Internet Came Through For Her Big Time ❤️

Twitter via Alexa Martin

Writer Alexa Martin (Intercepted, Berkley Romance) took to Twitter to help her daughter over a rough patch at school and the internet responded in a big way.

Martin sent her daughter to school with a hairdo the child was happy with when she left the house, but by the time she got home was in tears. When asked what was wrong she told her mother the other kids picked on her because she is one of the few kids with curls. That's when Martin posted a photo on Twitter and asked for a few likes so she could show her daughter the kids at school were wrong.

Mother and daughter got more than a few likes. One hundred and seventy-one thousand and counting! Now that's a confidence booster!

Not only did Twitter come through with the likes, the comments were enough to warm even the coldest heart.

This artist even drew a portrait.

With comparisons to the character Storm.

All the love worked and Martin gave a follow up the next day.

Mark this as a win for love.

H/T: Twitter