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Tennessee Library Receives Bomb Threats After Being Slightly 'Disrespectful' To Kirk Cameron

The actor booked the Hendersonville library for 'Christian Story Hour,' which sparked concern from employees over the crowd size.

Kirk Cameron
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for LIFEMARK Movie

A Hendersonville, Tennessee library received bomb threats by people who said the staff had been "disrespectful" to actor Kirk Cameron, a former child star turned vocal Evangelical Christian.

The event—which was described as a response to "drag queen story hours"—widely criticized for promoting homophobic and transphobic attitudes.

The event featured Cameron reading his own children's book, as well as former Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson reading her own book and swimmer Riley Gaines who faced criticism for her views on trans athletes.

According to reports, the local library workers initially tried to decline the booking, citing concerns about the size of the crowd. However, they were overruled by locals and the library board of directors, who insisted that the event go ahead.

Things took a turn for the worse after Robertson went on a podcast and criticized the library workers for being "disrespectful," despite the fact that they had not been rude during the event. This led to a backlash, with library staff receiving threatening phone calls and emails and even bomb threats.

A news report about the incident is included below.

Hendersonville library facing threats after allegations in national media relating to Christian

In response, the library director requested increased police presence and a cease-and-desist order to protect the staff. However, the director has since been fired, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of library workers.

Cameron has also condemned the library workers, accusing them of intentionally silencing "wholesome movements," and perpetuating a culture of intolerance and hate.

Cameron said:

“Many public institutions have been infiltrated with individuals who intentionally silence wholesome movements like ours while families are crying out for a return to the faith-based virtue and American values that lead to our blessing and protection.”

The staff and librarians had not been rude during the event, but were slightly disruptive to Cameron and Robertson as they recorded extra material before the event.

Additionally, Robertson had complained that the staff did not let the long line of overflow crowd attendees wind through the library’s aisles so that they could get out of the rain.

However, the library had already expressed concerns about having capacity for the size of the crowd. Despite this, the library's workers were subsequently subjected to bomb threats and calls threatening violence.

Many have criticized Cameron and his followers as a result.

Kirk Cameron has been critical of drag queen story hours in the past, which he views as a threat to traditional family values.

Conservative groups and individuals have argued that the events are inappropriate for children and promote "gender confusion" or "sexualization" of young children. They also claim that drag queens are not appropriate role models for children. Others argue that drag queen story hours are simply an attempt to push a political agenda onto children.