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A Man Is Suing Harper's Bazaar After Hurting Himself On A 'Defective' Red Carpet Pole During Fashion Week

A Man Is Suing Harper's Bazaar After Hurting Himself On A 'Defective' Red Carpet Pole During Fashion Week
Taylor Hill/Contributor/Getty Images

If you're ever lucky enough to attend a red carpet bash, be careful: those poles holding up the velvet ropes are a menace to society.

You could end up with some unspecified injury to body and mind.

At least, that's what a lawsuit filed by a Queens, New York man alleges, after his work at a fashion week red carpet event put on by magazine Harper's Bazaar left him with "serious inuries."

What sort of injuries?

Well... nobody really knows because the lawsuit doesn't specify.

But bad ones, we're pretty sure.

According to TheNew York Post's reporting, the man who filed the suit, Omar Elnewishy, was injured while working during last fall's New York Fashion Week at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party, a star-studded bash attended by luminaries like The Farewell's Awkwafina's Awkwafina, model Emily Ratajkowski and singer Alicia Keys.

The September 6 event, at which Harper's Bazaar "toast[ed] cultural forces who aren't afraid to break the rules," held a special VIP red carpet section for A-list arrivals, which is where Elnewishy was working.

His lawsuit alleges that a "defective" pole being used to hold up the velvet ropes cordoning off the VIP area created a "safety threat" that resulted in Elnewishy's accident.

As his lawsuit puts it, "the dangerous and defective condition of red carpet poles," along with the "carelessness of HARPER'S BAZAAR" caused Elnewishy to suffer "serious injuries" and "agony to his body and mind" that caused him to miss work.

The nature of the injuries or how exactly they occurred is not specified, and neither Harpers's Bazaar nor Mr. Elnewishy's attorney, Meredith Yevin, responded to the New York Post's requests for comment.

Whatever actually went down for Mr. Elnewishy, the event itself was quite the glamorous bash.

Supermodels, actors and musicians turned out some of their best red carpet looks.

Luckily none of them had any nasty run-ins with the velvet rope poles!