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Lauren Boebert Completely Puzzles Twitter With Her Latest Bonkers Take On The Pandemic

Lauren Boebert Completely Puzzles Twitter With Her Latest Bonkers Take On The Pandemic
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Gather 'round, boys and girls, it's time for yet another bizarre tweet from Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert.

This time, Representative Boebert is offering us her two cents on the pandemic—specifically on the latest variant of the virus called Delta. You may have heard about it recently since it has all but crippled India and is beginning to cause trouble all over the rest of the world, too.

Well, all this talk of variants and virus mutations got Boebert thinking, you see. And then she tweeted the product of that thinking.

And reader, the extent to which it makes not one iota of sense cannot be overstated.

We say this with all due respect in the world:

What? The? Actual? F......‽‽

No seriously, jokes aside, what does that sentence mean?

It's mysterious! Because it obviously carries meaning, insofar as it contains words, and those words individually make sense. The sentence also adheres to the usual subject/predicate and noun/verb/object structures of the English language. It's even an easily diagrammable sentence, like back in middle school.

And yet it makes not one lick of sense. Oh sure, it sounds like a sentence that makes sense--it's not like she wrote "Schoolbus jitterbugged into post-modernism during the last lunar eclipse" or something. It seems deceptively normal.

And yet, reader, we defy you to tell us what on Earth this sentence means. Is it a Mad Lib? Is that it? Has Representative Boebert been doing Mad Libs into her Twitter status box? The mind reels.

And if reading this tweet makes your brain beg for the sweet mercy of unconsciousness, be heartened that you are not alone: The entire internet was collectively like "Ma'am what on EARTH?"

Suffice to say, when even Marianne Williamson can't make heads or tails of what you're saying, you might want to do some light editing before you post.