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Twitter Is LOLing Hard After Tomi Lahren Got Pranked Into Calling Trump A 'Jack*ss' In Hindi


Twitter couldn't help but laugh on Monday, August 24, when conservative pundit and outspoken Trump supporter Tomi Lahren got tricked into calling the President an idiot in Hindi.

The prank was pulled by Twitter user Ali-Asghar Abedi, who payed Lahren $85 on the celebrity-interaction app Cameo to call Trump "wise like an 'ullu,'" with ullu meaning owl in Hindi.

What Abedi neglected to mention is that while "ullu" literally means owl, it's part of a popular Hindi insult which more accurately translates to "jack*ss."

Abedi was thrilled with his expenditure. He told The Independent:

"Lahren thought she was calling Trump wise, but ended up insulting the man whose presidency her entire career is based on."
"Maybe her brain was fried from taking the President's advice about ingesting bleach. Or maybe she was easily duped because she's lacking in intellectual curiosity and only offers arguments that a toddler would call reductive."
"Either way, waging $85 that she wouldn't bother to research the meaning of 'ulloo' felt like a safe bet. Ultimately, Lahren got $85 (minus whatever commission Cameo takes) and India got to laugh as her clip ended up appearing across the country's news networks."

Twitter will never pass up a chance to dunk on Tomi Lahren.

President Trump is the king Ullu.

The prank went over especially well with Indian Twitter users.

Hopefully, by now, someone has told Tomi the truth about what she said.

Perhaps Tomi regrets what she said...or perhaps she feels good knowing many people on Twitter finally feel they can agree with her.