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Lady Gaga Says She Can't Remember The Last Time She Bathed, And Her Fans Are Very Confused

Kevin Tachman/MG19 / Getty Images

Lady Gaga has made an entire career out of her classic Gaga-isms.

She's known for being off-beat, quirky, bold, honest, and uncompromising.

In other words; Gaga gonna Gaga.

You'd imagine, then, that by now the public would be hard-pressed to find anything she said or did "strange". Normally, you'd be right ... but a recent tweet from her has people pretty confused.

It's not anything over the top. It's not the sort of thing that you'd expect from an album announcement or anything like that, but she hashtagged it with the same hashtag she has used to discuss her album in the past. Fans will know she's been teasing #LG6 - her 6th studio album - for a long long time now.

This doesn't seem to be album related, though?


The tweet is honestly a little bit of mundane nothing - which honestly makes it more confusing.


Fam what is Lady Gaga even talking about?

What does this have to do with her album? Why the hashtag?

Is she trying to say she's working really hard on it? Or that the album is going to stink?

Does she mean bathed like soaked in a bath? Does she mean shower?

Gaga, your fans have questions.

And concerns.

And a few ideas.

And, apparently, some demands.

We don't know what the tweet was supposed to mean, we just know we're having a blast watching Gaga fans lose their minds trying to figure it out.

And Gaga, if you're reading this, go have some you-time sis. Self care is health care.

Lady Gaga's album Joanne [Deluxe Edition] is available here.